Titan’s subclasses are really lacking in creativity and individuality.

After lurking for a long time, I saw one too many “give titans more punch” post, and now I’m going to speak up in opposition.

Also, I’m mostly talking from a PvE perspective. I’m fairly sure that some of these points can be made for PvP as well.

Currently, 3/4 of our classes have a “AoE Ground Slam” Effect, and all of our classes have a shoulder charge effect.

Our abilities being copied and pasted has gotten bad enough that behemoth is just better striker. It has superior neutral game, superior abilities and a better super. That’s not a case of stasis just being better than everything else, either.

I’m mostly talking about top or bottom tree Striker here, as middle tree is thankfully it’s own individual class.

Striker slams the ground for fast damage in an area. Behemoth slams the ground, freezes everything nearby, sets crystals and freezes everything ahead, and shatters those crystals for equal or more damage than Striker’s Slam.

Striker’s shoulder charges after sprinting for a short time. This charge is (relatively) slow, locks you out of sprinting, and only goes a short distance. Behemoth’s shiver strike sends you flying immediately, sends you much further, and goes faster than a hornet on crack.

The only benefit Striker has over Behemoth is shoulder charge plus skullfort shenanigans.

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As it stands right now, I am willing to bet that Bottom tree striker is among the least used subclasses, right alongside Nova Warp and Blade Barrage.

However, those conversations don’t even begin to get into my main issue. That being, melee just is isn’t viable.

Whether it be grandmaster tier nightfalls, solo dungeon clearing, or even raiding, melee isn’t a strategy that’s viable. Your melee’s damage is just pitiful, failing to one shot anything stronger than a thrall while being hit back for much more.

You see the failure of melee focused builds with both Striker and top tree Arcstrider.

I don’t want Bungie to go back and change Striker and our other subclasses. There are more important things for Bungie to do first.

I just don’t want any more melee focussed subclasses. If Bungie must stick to the punching theme, I hope they give it a sense of uniqueness.

A multi hit combo, a singular more powerful melee, even a projectile. Just ANYTHING but a fifth shoulder charge.


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