Today is my daughter’s first day as a Guardian!

Hey everyone, like the title says today is my daughter's first day as a Guardian! I don't really have many friends who play anymore so I wanted to share my story. She plays video games but she always told me she never wanted to play a FPS. She has recently been watching me play Destiny and wants to start playing with me.I was so excited to have a new member of my fireteam that I even made a Lore entry as my guardian. I put It below if anyone wants to read it.

 What is the light? What is my destiny? When I first woke as a guardian my only thought was survival as I moved through the mounds of rusted old vehicles. I picked up whatever weapons I could find and punched my way through every enemy that crossed my path. I developed my powers along the way, crushing my enemies with devastating slams and protecting allies with impenetrable wards. I found my place among the tower and it’s many new guardians. I made many friends but my fireteam always had my back. A Hunter who was skilled and cunning and a Warlock whose wisdom knew no equal. We went on many journeys together on our quest to stop the Vex of the Black Garden. We were some of the first guardians to enter the Vault of Glass and take down the powerful Atheon. We developed new powers and got stronger and stronger. Eventually. we became strong enough to slay a god. Oryx the Taken King was no match for our might and ability to work as one. At the time my only goal was to grow stronger with my fireteam, so that nothing could threaten humanity and the traveler. Back then I believed this was my destiny. Everything changed with the coming of the Cabal Empire. Ghaul stole our very essence of life and the source of our power. Fortunately, my fireteam survived the initial attack on the tower. We took out Ghaul, woke up the traveler, but it would be our last mission as a fireteam. The Warlock, my brother, fell in the heat of battle against the Cabal Emperor and The Hunter went off on his own. He once requested my help to get revenge for the death of Cayde-6. I have even seen him a few times in my journeys through the craters of Earth’s moon and the snow drifts of Europa. I have joined with other guardians for some tasks but most of time I work alone. Nothing can fill the void that was left from the fall of my fireteam. I started to learn the ways of the Darkness and gained its power. I began questioning the meaning and purpose of the light. I began questioning my destiny. With the recent return of Savathun, the Witch Queen, something has changed. My interactions with her have created doubt in myself and the traveler. I have also began experiencing glimpses of who I was before I became a guardian. I am not sure if this is a result of Savathun’s trickery or if this is some kind of calling. In my visions I see a girl, I feel a sense of pride and I realize that at some point in my past I must have been a father. I have my doubts when I look at this body, that has been made of metal even longer than I have been a guardian. Festival of the Lost is coming soon. A time that guardians have fun and reflect on what they’ve lost. I decided to go the Cosmodrome to reflect on my fireteam and all that I have lost. Old Russia is not as busy as it used to be when I started this journey. The occasional guardian will come through as well as the many new lights. I was fighting my way through a group of fallen when suddenly a flaming sword slash ripped through the sky. I looked up to see a new guardian enjoying her newfound abilities. Once the flames subsided, I was able to look upon the face of this new guardian. I could not believe it, It was her. The girl that I had been seeing in my visions was somehow standing before me. She asked me if I could help her learn what it means to be a guardian. I realized then that I found my light, I found my destiny. 


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