Trials from a Incentive Rework Perspective

I've seen quite a few discussion posts on Trials changes, but most suggestions I have seen push to change the game mode in a direction that reduces the difficulty or fundamentals. Trials is endgame PvP content, and should remain challenging and difficult as such; however, I would argue that the reward structure needs to evolve for the health of the playlist. The approach I would suggest is based around 3 types of incentives: incentives for flawless players, incentives for populating the playlist, and incentives for community "inclusivity."

Incentive for flawless playersCurrently, flawless cards are constantly farmed by the top echelon of PvP players in Trials. Flawless is something desired by all, but only really pushed for by the top players since most of the lower skilled players don't see being able to achieve it as possible, and average players don't see it as a time investment worth pursuing, or they simply don't have the time needed to give a "solid attempt." Once players have gone flawless on a card, the card should be marked as such, and they should be able to "play out the card" to compete with others who have gone flawless for HIGH (if it's low, the argument could be made that it would be easier to reset the card and farm more flawless cards) chances at additional adept rewards on wins. Once the card hits the 3 allowed (4 on mercy) loses, the team would need to reset. This would encourage players who have gone flawless to continue playing on their card for good rewards which would keep the top players at the end of the card and help to reduce the competitiveness at the lower end of the card.

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Incentive for populating the playlistWe need more loot. No one wants to get stomped or sweat for hours only to get enough tokens for a few vendor drops and then have those drops be complete trash. Tokens NEED to be granted on losses. More tokens NEED to be granted on wins. Encourage players to play more with guaranteed loot over time. It says a lot that players are forming "suicide squads" just to get one reward and avoid the playlist as much as possible. The system needs to move back towards the Destiny 1 system where pieces of Trials gear or weapons are granted on occasional game COMPLETIONS. Note that does not say wins since this encourages early card farming similar to when Trials first returned in Season of the Worthy. Wins should have a higher chance for a random drop, but should not be required. This change should increase the overall population of trials and encourage the lower and average skilled players to remain in the playlist.

Incentive for community "inclusivity"Right now, Trials feels very exclusive. It is full of sweat and toxicity. Encourage the playlist to be more inclusive. The title requires carrying people to flawless who have never been to the lighthouse. While this is a start, it is not incentive enough. Once in a lifetime is too limited; open it up to once a week. "After going to the lighthouse, help a player to the lighthouse while they have not gone to the lighthouse this week." Make it a bounty or challenge that grants an additional adept flawless reward. If you really want to push for this kind of "inclusivity," make it an adept weapon from a different week! This would highly encourage players to assist others in getting to the lighthouse. There is currently little incentive to help others. This type of change would help push a cultural change in the playlist which is drastically needed.

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TL;DR: More rewards/incentives are needed to increase and retain the population of Trials as well as encourage players to "delve" in the playlist more often.

Edit 1: After proof reading a few times, I completely missed the grammatical error in the title *facepalm*… "Trials from an Incentive Rework Perspective."


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