Unlimited Rifts And Bleak Watchers With No Kills

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Quick Build Walkthrough (TLDR)

I made this build with Grandmasters and Master Vault of Glass in mind, and I had 2 goals in mind. Provide a brainless way to keep survivability at as high as we can and provide crowd control and support for your fireteam. Here is what I came up with.

  • Subclass: Stasis/Bleak Watcher/Grim Harvest/Conduction/Torment/Refraction/Durance
  • Weapons: Any
  • Exotic Armor: The Stag
  • Helm (Void): Dynamo/Protective Light
  • Gloves (Void): Bolstering Detonation x2/ Elemental Charge
  • Chest (Solar): Resistance Mods/Firepower
  • Legs (Solar): Recuperation/Firepower
  • Class Item (Stasis): Utility Kickstart x2/Elemental Shards

Glacial Harvest pairs with Elemental Shards and Elemental Charge to fund CWL for Firepower and Protective Light.

Throw rifts and bleak watchers on cooldown to survive.


For this build we are using stasis. This gives us crowd control to compliment your survivability which creates an amazing synergy that can be useful anywhere in the game. Now I’m going to break into the class more.

  • Shade binder is the super here and it is an amazing super in PvE. It allows you to shatter all enemies in 30 meters of range with the heavy attack and your light attack spawns 4 orbs that instantly freeze targets. This allows you to stagger lock enemies by freezing and shattering back and forth
  • Bleak watcher is our first aspect. This is another absurdly powerful aspect of Shade binder that constantly slows enemies until they are frozen lasting 25 seconds or 30 seconds with whisper of durance.
  • Glacial Harvest is the second aspect. While I believe Iceflare bolts is stronger on its own Glacial harvest grant some great mod and team synergy. Whenever you freeze an enemy they will spawn stasis shards with the amount depending on how strong the enemy is. Minors create 1, Majors and Players spawn 2 and Bosses spawn 3.
  • Whisper of Conduction allows shards to track to us if they are around 15 meters away. Meaning we don’t need go into the middle of live adds to get our shards
  • Whisper of Torment gives us 4% grenade energy every time we take damage with a 1 second cooldown.
  • Whisper of Refraction gives us 5-25% class ability energy based on the enemies rank.
  • Whisper of Durance allows our slow to last longer and bleak watcher to stay up for another 5 seconds.


Here are the min and max for each stat. Recovery and Discipline are the most important here.

  • Mobility: 2-10
  • Resilience: 3-10
  • Recovery: 10
  • Discipline: 7-10
  • Intellect: 3-10
  • Strength:3-10

Exotic Overview

The stag is a world drop exotic and got a substantial buff is season of the lost. Breaking it down we have.

  • Dearly Departed: Grants resist x2, 25%, damage reduction to any guardians inside of your rift. When you reach critical health, you gain 55% class ability energy, and you spawn a healing rift on your body when you die.

Mod Choices


  • Dynamo: Grants 5% super energy when casting your rift withing 15 meters of enemies. 8% with 2 mods.


  • Bolstering Detonation: Grants 25% class ability energy when ever your grenade deals damage with a 7 second cooldown. 35% with 2 mods.


  • Resistance Mods: Grants 25% resistance to which ever type of damage chosen. 40% with 2 of the same mod.


  • Recuperation: Grants health when picking up an orb of power

Class Item

  • Utility Kickstart: Grants 15% class ability energy when class ability is fully expended. 25% with 2 mods.

Combat Style

  • Elemental Shards: Allows stasis shards to act as elemental wells with a 7 second cooldown.
  • Elemental Charge: Picking up an elemental well gives you charged with light. 2 stacks if it matches your subclass.
  • Protective Light: While charged with light when your shields are broken you gain 50% damage resistance for 5-10 seconds depending on how many stacks you have.
  • Firepower: When throwing your grenade while charged with light, you gain 15% grenade energy per mod and consumes a stack of charged with light. Does NOT stack with grenade kickstart.

Gameplay Tips

  • Rift cooldown is effectively 30.75 seconds with 2x utility kickstart. Bolstering detonation can proc every 7 seconds with bleak watcher giving another 35% class ability energy. This means you can have you rift back in as little as 7-8 seconds theoretically. In practice I would see my rift back in around 11-12 seconds. That’s without getting any kills. With 1 of each mod you can’t chain as effectively without kills but it is still possible.
  • This also can extend the duration of protective light allowing for you to have resist x4, 50%, damage resistance if you can stay in your rift. I do want to note that I have noticed buffs being displayed have been buggy and the resist did not always show. But when I got out, I still have 7 seconds of resist x4.
  • Shade binder super can last longer by canceling the second set of orbs by immediately holding down shatter after casting freeze. This also can allow you to solo barrier champs by chain freezing them. Even in master Vault of Glass.
  • By tanking damage in a rift, you can get your grenade back quickly and easily. Allowing you to have 1-2 bleak watchers up without needing kills.
  • Even though you’re a tanky son of a gun a screeb will still one shot you in a rift on GMs. You are not immortal. At Resist x3 you can tank one but that requires whisper of chains. I find durance to be overall more useful, but you can use Chains instead.



  • Can chain rifts with little to no kills required
  • Can always have 1-2 bleak watchers up
  • Stag makes you harder to kill in a rift
  • Stag with Protective Light allows you to keep the 4x resist for longer
  • Mindless CWL setup that requires no killing
  • Super can solo barrier champions


  • No iceflare bolts
  • Survivability and Crowd Control is overkill for lower activities
  • May have to substitute bolstering detonation for 2 champion mods which ruins rift chaining

Useful areas:

  • Master VoG
  • Grandmasters
  • Raids
  • Dungeons


Pipin's Data Compendium (Where I pull numbers from):

Edit: Typos. Warlocks dont wear cloaks


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