Vaulting the four planets was honestly fine; vaulting Black Armory and Leviathan content shouldn’t have happened.

Content of the article: "Vaulting the four planets was honestly fine; vaulting Black Armory and Leviathan content shouldn’t have happened."

Hot take, cold take, I don't know, but I wanted to give a couple thoughts on this.

First off: the planets. I'm not going to pretend like I didn't enjoy Mars, it was a fun destination with interesting quirks and a cool aesthetic (granted, most of that Europa is just a +1 for). The rest? I mean Titan's arcology was kinda neat, but these planets were just not as fun, interesting, relevant, or overall necessary as the others in the game, and I think Bungie knew that. Think about it this way: even if all of Sloane, Ana, Asher, and Vance's items were unsunset, would you really spend that much time in their respective destinations? Maybe that's an unfair comparison, so how about: if all destinations' items were unsunset, which would you be least likely to visit? For a lot of people, I bet it would be the four mentioned (though I could see some saying Nessus too, I'll get to that). Given this, I think it's okay that the planets were vaulted, but, and this is the key part, the way they were vaulted made sense. The pyramids taking over worlds in the solar system, essentially trapping them in some extraspacial-dark matter-singularity-whatever state, fits with the story. But you know what wasn't transformed/captured by the pyramids? The Leviathan.

And this is where part 2 of the post comes in. At the most basic level, everything from the Black Armory and Leviathan content was either part of the currently remaining planets: Nessus primarily, containing half the forges and all Leviathan content, but also the EDZ for forges and Niobe, the Tangled Shore for Last Word, and the Dreaming City for Izanagi. Now, there was one step for Izanagi that was not in one of those, but guess where it was? The Leviathan! Indeed, these pieces of content were, unlike all of Year 3's seasons, Year 1's campaigns, or the Haul-based Joker's Wild content, contained within themselves and existing areas. The only exception here is the Scourge Raid, but this ties in to part 3: why I think these areas should not have been vaulted.

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If you haven't been living under a rock the past two months, you'll know there's been a fair bit of discussion/debate/screaming about content quantity. What it largely boils down to is a) lack of endgame content, b) issues with replayable gameplay loops, and c) general lack of loot (something Bungie has since addressed and committed to changing). Forges and Menagerie may not be the freshest loops, but personally, I still found them entertaining, if not for the fact shown in Arrivals that their loot would soon go out of use. The same notion applies to Scourge and Crown as raids. As for the other three raids, like has been said to death already, these would have seen a massive uptick in interest if only the loot had been converted to random rolls. Taken together, it's pretty easy to see that this content would go a long way towards fixing problems a) and b), and for c), I think I know exactly how to use these to fix that one too, as well as other problems while we're at it:

  1. Reintroduce that content. It's already in D2-ready state, and would likely only need changes to fit the new engine.
  2. Give random rolls to the Leviathan, Eater, and Spire loot, please just please.
  3. Replace the Forsaken loot in Menagerie with the loot from 2-4 seasons ago that is no longer attainable but still not sunset as a prescriptive method of reaquiring it (Note: this could be continually updated each season to function exactly as the 'prescriptive acquisition' that Bungie wants)
  4. Unsunset the remaining loot – Forge frames/prototypes, Scourge and Crown loot, and the Menagerie/Opulent set
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With the exception of engine reworks, I honestly don't see this as being that difficult – it is literally updating numbers on existing loot, and swapping some drops around, both of which Bungie does all the time. But not just that – it would fit the world/story, be contained within the remaining unvaulted content, and in my opinions, do wonders to fix many of the issues that D2 is currently facing in the community.


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