[Warlock build guide] Ager’s Scepter

This has been covered to death, but it's my favorite build from this season so I'm covering it too.

TL;DR: Scan through for the bolded terms, you'll get it.

Build Overview

A lot of different systems come together to make this build kinda bonkers. You end up with fast super regen, high uptime damage buffs, moderate survivability, and top tier ad control.

Gameplay Loop

  • Freeze an enemy
  • Collect stasis shards
  • Self perpetuating murder rampage while cosplaying as Mr Freeze


Build AxisScore
Ad clear5/5
Boss dps4/5
Ammo economy3/5

Content Difficulty

Low-level | Midgame | Lategame | Endgame

Some quick numbers

Dmg SourceDamage NumberPct Bonus
Absorption Cells2,06720%
Font of Might2,15325%

(Tested on the Tangled Shore)

Base Build

Exotic Weapon

  • Ager's Scepter: Stasis trace rifle that creates AOE freeze on weapon kill.
  • Ager's Scepter Catalyst: Hold reload to drain your super in exchange for an 80% damage buff and slow/freeze from weapon damage.

Exotic Armor

  • Mantle of Battle Harmony: Extra super energy for type matching weapon kills. Extra damage for a few seconds after a type matched weapon kill when super is full.


  • Stasis: It feels pretty obvious

Combat Style Mods

  • Font of Might (4 untyped energy): 10 seconds of 25% damage boost for weapons matching sublcass.
  • Elemental Shards (2 stasis energy): Stasis shards count as stasis elemental wells.
  • Elemental Charge (2 untyped energy): Elemental wells give charged with light (double when matching subclass).


  • Glacial Harvest – Freezing enemies creates stasis shards.
  • Your choice – I prefer Iceflare Bolts in order to keep that freeze chain moving


  • Whisper of Bonds – Defeating frozen targets grants super energy.
  • Whisper of Conduction – Nearby stasis shards track toward you.
  • Whisper of Fissures – Increased explosion damage and radius from stasis shatter.
  • Whisper of Rime – Stasis shards heal/grant overshield

Armor Stats

  • Max Intellect: High intellect lets us use the Ager's Scepter catalyst more often.
  • High Recovery: Because this is a Warlock build and we gotta have that high recov.
  • High Strength: This is the one time I'm gonna recommend high strength on a Warlock.

Why high strength?

This build kicks off by freezing something. A single red bar in a group of ads is an easy start with Ager's Scepter's AOE freeze, but if you're faced with a yellow bar you need something else. I use grenade or melee to freeze them and generate stasis shards. Since stasis shards return melee energy, it seems easier to build in that direction.

Flavor 1: DPS Mods

  • High Energy Fire (4 untyped energy): 20% Damage bonus with weapons while Charged with Light
  • Your Choice:
    • Elemental Time Dilation (3 stasis energy): Extend Elemental Well mod buff timers by 30%. I use this one.
    • Font of Wisdom (4 untyped energy): 30 Seconds of tier 10 Intellect. This allows you to tank your build's Intellect in favor of some other stat.
    • Sustained Charge (4 solar energy): Become Charged with Light after rapid trace rifle kills. This gives slightly better uptime on High Energy Fire.

About High Energy Fire

High Energy Fire does not stack with Mantle of Battle Harmony's weapon damage buff. However, these two buffs tend to be active at different times on this build. Mantle of Battle Harmony's buff is only active for a few seconds after a matched energy kill WHILE your super is charged. HEF is permanent until you kill something with a weapon. Including HEF in the build gives you extra damage while your super is charging, but even better than that it stays permanently active during boss DPS, almost like Vorpal.

PS: HEF stacks with Explosive Light's 25% buff.

Flavor 2: Safety Mods

  • Protective Light (2 void energy): Gain 50% damage reduction when your shields are broken. 5 seconds per stack of Charged with Light
  • Supercharged (5 solar energy): Can hold 2 extra stacks of Charged with Light

Leaving Room for Both Flavors

You can swap between these flavors if you set your armor affinities right:

  • One armor piece (NOT the class item) should be solar. Use this piece to swap between Supercharged and High Energy Fire. The chest is a good option since mods tend to be cheap there.
  • Keep two class items: one is Void for Protective Light, the other depends on your mod choice in Flavor 1.

Loop Detail

  • Freeze something (use melee for single target or Ager's Scepter if ads are grouped)
  • Shards are generated with Glacial Harvest
  • Shards track toward you thanks to Whisper of Conduction
  • Collect shards (a lot happens here)
    • Get healing/overshield
    • Become Charged with Light
    • Get Stasis weapon damage buff
    • Get melee energy
  • Shred ads, generating more shards and getting lots of super energy
  • Activate Ager's Scepter catalyst for bosses, beefy ads, or large groups

Boss Damage

This works shockingly well for bosses. The catalyst freezes on sustained damage, so when you focus on a boss they keep freezing and generating shards, which keeps Font of Might and HEF active.

Additonal Armor Mods

  • Trace Rifle Ammo Finder (3 untyped energy)
  • Trace Rifle Reserves (2 untyped energy)
  • Trace Rifle Scavenger (4 untyped energy)
  • Melee Kickstart (4 stasis energy)

Testing notes

  • Elemental Shards mod does NOT give extra ability energy like you'd get from an elemental well.
  • High Energy Fire stacks with Explosive Light
  • Glacial Harvest cooldown kicks in after rapid shard creation (6 shards) for 15 seconds
  • Elemental Shards cooldown kicks in after picking up ONE shard for 5 seconds
    • Low priority debuff, usually not shown
  • Well of Restoration works with Elemental Shards, but is not worth it due to Elemental Shards cooldown.
  • Whisper of Rending (kinetic weapons do increased damage to frozen targets) does NOT work with Ager's Scepter.

Bungie Pls

  • Add a setting to display more buffs on the left – this would be helpful during buildcrafting
  • The Glacial Harvest cooldown is brutal. Pls rework
    • Freeze an enemy to reduce timer?
    • Reduce to 10 seconds to align with base Font of Might?

How I make builds


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