Warning: Bungie used the wrong images for the Solstice Glow Bundles on Eververse as well as the images for the ornaments.

Content of the article: "Warning: Bungie used the wrong images for the Solstice Glow Bundles on Eververse as well as the images for the ornaments."

After I got my glow and donned on my Majestic set, I headed over to the Tribute Hall in excitement to see the glow's full potential. I was immediately disappointed and confused by what I bought. I looked back over to the Eververse Store page, and I realized something was wrong. Bungie used the wrong images for the glow bundle on the Eververse store page. The glows you get from that bundle will never be as bright as shown. What makes this so infuriating is that you cannot preview what the glows would look like when super charged. So, when you see the preview, you automatically think to yourself, "Well, maybe if I get max super energy that it'll become as bright as that image and the ornaments indicates." (

No. It never gets that bright.

Eververse Page:


Without the Super charged:

"Maybe you need to be in a darker area?" Tested that too…

Here's me in an almost pitch-black corner in Pit of Heresy with my super charged. It helps a little, but it just doesn't get that bright as shown in Eververse:

"Maybe it'll glow brighter when you reach the third armor set." I reached Magnificent today, and completed all objectives with the exception for Trials wins, and there was absolutely no change in brightness for the elemental glows. Also, none of Bungie's media outside of their Eververse image showcases this level of brightness for the Elemental glow.


Gameplay Trailer:

TWAB: – This is as close as it could get to the Eververse image, but there is still a noticeable difference when compared to Eververse.

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I hope Bungie can update the Eververse image before more people spend money/dust with the belief this is representative of the ornaments in-game. The last Solstice didn't have this problem at all, what you saw was what you got.

Solstice Eververse 2019:

Solstice Actual:

Remember that not every player will consume every bit of news that Bungie pushes out, which is what pushed me to post this since a player might buy the bundle with the false expectation of the glows. Sidenote: I would love to see any comments by Hunters and Titans that bought the bundle compare their own glows to the Eververse page; it feels like Warlocks got shafted by this more than the other two, curious to see what other people have.

Titan’s Eververse Page:

Hunter’s Eververse Page:

We're not done yet. The other thing is the ornament images in our inventory do not line up with what is actually being worn by us. I only did this with the Warlock since it’s the only bundle I bought. These are the most obvious. (Context: There’s a glitch where if you launch into a map, wear the glows, and inspect an emote while loading, it will showcase the glow as if you have max super energy. This is how my comparisons were made.)

Bond: – The bond is nowhere near this vivid, obvious difference.

Helmet: – The horns do not light up, rather there's a glowing set of horns, and they are blocking the glow behind it. The cracks are smaller.

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Legs: – The glows stop at the feet instead of moving upwards on the footwear. Also, the cracks for it are completely missing.

I'm not going to go out and say that this was intentionally false advertising and make a huge argument about "Bungie bad," but rather take an educated guess that glow designs were changed at the last minute. Bungie probably forgot to update the Ornament and Eververse images before the launch of this event because they already had a ton on their plate. I hope this post is useful to those on the fence about buying these glows, especially to those hemorrhaging bright dust, thank you all for reading!


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