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So I was in the shower the other day (where all great thinking is done by man) and came up with a pretty neat idea about what a decent ending to this season could be and felt I should share. So, here we go (obviously take this at face value, sadly with the delay in Beyond Light's launch, the timing of this doesn't exactly add up but it could be played off):

We load into the Final interference mission (or perhaps with the delay, we are called back to the tree to hear some new development from Eris) and play like normal. Whether we fight Nokris in the ascendant plane or not is not really what I'm getting at here, it's what comes after and we are getting our message from the Pyramid. Zavala arrives once again to hear what Eris has to say about this new communication. Eris seems to be greatly disturbed by the message, something relating to "Now is the time", and Io begins to tremble. Eris exclaims this world is no longer safe, that we must evacuate immediately, and Zavala agrees.

Then, suddenly, the shaking stops and a rift to the Ascendant Plane opens, and the Witch Queen herself floats through to confront us. She greets Eris as if she was an old friend and thanks her for her service (to the confusion of the Guardian, Zavala, and even Eris herself). She greets Zavala as the unknowing puppet and remarks on the plans she has for him (see traveler's chosen exotic lore) and then turns to face us. She thanks us for all the hard work we've been doing, for the attempts we've made to understand her plans, for our work in the Dreaming City, and for falling for every trap she's ever placed before us. She then turns to look up at the Pyramid, and exclaims that soon all this power shall be hers to command, as is rightfully so. Our Ghost (in typical ghost fashion) pops out and tells Savathun we will defeat her, just as we defeated Crota, Oryx, and Xol.

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She turns to our ghost in disgust and speaks ill of Crota, a boy with knowledge of nothing, of Oryx, her brother, who was so blinded by the Sword Logic he was consumed by it, and of Xol, who was so weak he could barely be called a god, and who chose to become a weapon to be wielded by someone mightier, rather then being his own master.

Zavala, Eris, and the Guardian ready themselves for a fight, but Savathun waves her hand and shakes her head, exclaiming that we are all acutely aware that killing her here, even if it was within our power, would mean nothing, as she would simply retreat to her Throne World. The ghost chimes up saying how we killed Oryx in his, and we would do the same to her.

Savathun Laughs.

She looks down on us and tells us "do you truly believe you have entered my throne world of your own power? No, I have invited you, to trick you, to study you, to steal from you that which you do not know yourself." Eris exclaims that it makes sense, Savathun would craft her world that it cannot be entered by force, and that there is no way we could follow her with the knowledge we have now. Savathun turns to her, and remarks "poor Eris, lost to my plans once again. If only you knew what I had in store for this system, or the power I hope to gain from the darkness. But then again, that would be my undoing."

Our ghost quips up "We will find a way, we always do." Savathun turns to the Guardian and the Ghost and says "Oh you poor Little Light, so weak is your connection to your traveler, so weak is your power, so empty is your future." And with a flick of her wrist the light is drained from our ghost, and he is left in a weakened state (similar to the first mission of the vanilla D2 campaign). The Guardian looks up at Savathun and exclaims "give me back my Light!" to which Savathun yells "If you want it, take it from me!"

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She then throws Eris and Zavala through an ascendant rift and the cutscene ends. We are thrown into a mission where we must fight her Hive and Taken forces, but under a constant suppression effect (our light is gone thus so is our powers). It is obvious through the fight that we are no match without our light, and things look bleak. At this point, the ghost says "this is it, this is where we make our last stand, it has been an honor fighting at your side, guardian."

Then, suddenly, a beam of energy envelopes us from the pyramid, and our bodies begin to encase in icy crystals. The ghost exclaims how he has never felt such power, but that he can feel that we have unlocked something within us, within itself, some new element to control, and that this might be what we need to win this fight.

The fight then is a typical constantly super recharging fight where we use whatever class we are using's stasis subclass and defeat Savathun's forces. She retreats into her Throne World, exclaiming we haven't seen the last of her and that she will be back to claim what is rightfully hers. Zavala and Eris return, and Io begins to shake once again. Without time to discuss the Guardian's newfound power (which begins to fade as their light returns), they leave Io and a shot in the background shows the planet beginning to be terraformed and changed. This marks the beginning of the exodus quest (for all planets touched by a pyramid), the end of the interference mission, and just a taste of our stasis powers.

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Near the beginning of Beyond Light, the stranger would then arrive and ask us about the power we displayed. and remark on how we will need to harness that power again if we are to defeat the forces on Europa, and sends us on a quest to discover how to truly unlock that power.

Anyway, that's my take on what the end of the Season of Arrivals could be like and what I think from a Lore perspective would be a real treat for everyone. The Pyramids still being "Evil" and taking over the planets, while "blessing" us with it's power when in a dire position against Savathun. Let me know what you all think!


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