When we evacuate Io, we need a remastered Pyramidion strike, featuring Asher Mir

Content of the article: "When we evacuate Io, we need a remastered Pyramidion strike, featuring Asher Mir"

Here’s how I imagine it: Distress beacon flashes from Io as we are sent to go evacuate Asher and close up shop there.

We great Asher and talk about getting him ready to leave. Then, Ikora appears and tells us that she has received a massive Taken signal from the Pyramidion that is of utmost concern. Asher agrees to join your fireteam as an NPC to get one last look and closure where he lost his arm. During the strike he casts various supers, leaving the brute force work to you. He goes on and on in excitement about being with a good fireteam for once and how he would have killed Brakion flawless with you.

Throughout the encounter you sense something is amiss. Once inside the Pyramidion, there are blights and obvious Taken elements that were not there before. All the enemies are Taken?! What does this mean…and where is that signal coming from?

Finally you get to the boss room. Asher goes off realizing there is no lake, and instead enters the pit angry and defiant. He senses the truth before you do…

…that the enemy that spawns is not Brakion, but Brakion, Arm of Savathun, in all his Taken glory. Asher tells you the immense danger that would happen if this abomination was allowed to escape Io.

You start the boss fight and he’s a bit more tanky than usual. Asher is rezzing everyone instead of the respawn mechanic. Finally you get the Taken Brakion down to a sliver of health…and a cut scene starts.

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Asher strolls up to the mortally wounded Brakion, screaming and raging. He jumps up and exerts a beastly power and strength you didn’t know he still had! He…he…RIPS THE ARM OFF OF BRAKION AND SMASHES HIM OVER THE HEAD?! What a finishing move! Tess doesn’t have it for sale at Eververse??

The cutscene ends, Asher declares vindication, playing with Brakion’s severed arm like a toy. He tells you that his story is finished and he wants to study the sterile neutrinos in the boss room to see what he can learn to share with Ikora before Io descends into Darkness. He thanks you once more as his faithful assistant, and kicks the dead Taken Brakion body once more for good measure.

Evacuation of Io, complete.


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