Why are catalyst completion objectives so unimaginative?

Content of the article: "Why are catalyst completion objectives so unimaginative?"

I know this is a minor complaint in the grand scheme but why are catalyst objectives so uninspired? Nearly every catalyst is just "kill 500-1000 enemies with this gun". These are just objectively boring and grindy. And the worst part is these are for the most interesting guns in the game. Weapons with perks unique to them that could easily make for more interesting challenges. Here is a handful I came up with in about a half hour.

Huckleberry – Get 10 kills with this weapon without reloading 20 times.

Hard Light – Break different types of elemental shields with the matching element. Do each type 50 times.

Izanagi's Burden – Get 100 precision kills with having Honed Edge active.

Sunshot – Kill 150 enemies with the explosion caused from Sun Blast.

Eriana's Vow – Get 3 precision kills while First Glance is active without reloading, 30 times.

Trinity Ghoul – Get 200 kills with the chain lighting damage.

Merciless – Get 100 kills with atleast 1 stack of Conserve Momentum active.

Coldheart – Get 50 kills after this weapon has ramped up to max damage.

DARCI – Get 150 precision kills with Personal Assistant active.

And here are some for weapons that dont currently have catalysts:

Tarrabah – Get 150 kills while Ravenous Beast is active.

Queenbreaker – Get 100 precision kills with Marksman Sights. Get 100 hipfire kills with Combat Sights.

Le Monarque – Spread poison to 150 enemies other than your target.

Do you see what I'm getting at here? These are significantly less grindy and also more interesting to the player. The player gets to play around the strengths of the weapon and truly master their unique functions rather than just mindless hit their head against a brick wall until its done. And these arnt even that creative. Anyone could have come up with these in the same amount of time I did. Which begs the question of why catalyst objectives are so mind numbingly boring and tedious.

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Please Bungie. Going forward atleast put in even a little bit of effort towards catalysts. They have the potential to be an engaging way to master our exotics but instead they are just another mindless grind.


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