Why explosive shot on the UZUME RR4, this weeks nightfall weapon, is an awful perk for a sniper.

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EDIT: For clarity, i am specifically talking about explsoive shot on a SNIPER in PVE.

I keep seeing people recommend explosive shot as a perk to chase on the UZUME RR4, this weeks nightfall weapon reward. With some people even claiming it is better than vorpal because "It works on red bars". I wanted to make this post to inform people how these perks work, so that people don't spend hours of their life farming for a terrible roll.

TL;DR: Snipers have a high crit multiplier and explosive shot does not scale with crit damage. Use vorpal unless you're body shotting red bars. Vorpal is 10% better on crits when it is proc'd.

This is entirely incorrect, vorpal is the superior perk in almost every situation and here's why:

I did all my testing in game, on a lost sector boss using energy snipers.

sniperbody shot damagecrit damage
140rpm no buff3,81312,371
140rpm w/ explosive1,907 + 2,478 (exp dmg) = 4,835 (15% buff)10,484 + 2478(exp dmg) = 12,962 (5% buff)
90rpm no buff6,72019,830
90rpm vorpal7,728 (15% buff)22,805 (15% buff)

There are the numbers, i appreciate this would be easier to digest if i'd have used the same RPM but i did not have access to a vorpal 140rpm or an explosive head 90rpm. The % will all still be the same.

Here is the breakdwon:

– Snipers have a 3.24x (140rpm) – 3.3x (90rpm) crit multiplier. Meaning a crit shot does 3.24x the damage of a body shot. Not sure if the crit multipliers for 90rpm and 140rpm are intentionally different or if it is due to rounding.

– Explosive shot is flat damage and results in a +15% damage buff to the body, +%5 damage buff to the head on a sniper.

– Explosive shot removes some of the shot damage of the actual shot in order to convert that into explosive damage, as you can see from the table.

– Vorpal is a 15% buff to champs/bosses/vehicles


Vorpal is the better perk in almost every situation, when it is proc'd you get the same damage to the body as explosive shot and 10% more damage to the head. The argument that explosive shot is better does not hold up because the sole purpose of a sniper is to A) Hit a crit and to B) kill majors/champs/bosses, where vorpal performs better.

You can think of explsoive shot on a sniper as a 5% damage buff and vorpal as a 15% buff to damage on enemies that you're actually going to want to shoot with a sniper.

I do have clips of the damage if people really want to see


In theory using 100 as the body shot value you can think about it like this; (100×3.2) + 15 for explosive and for vorpal (100 + 15% ) x 3.2 if that helps you.

In practice the game does not calculate the damage like this and i have to admit i'm not 100% sure how explosive shot works, the only thing i do know is that explosive damage is flat and is worse than vorpal on snipers / weapons with high crit)

As explosive shot takes away damage from the shot and adds a flat value for explosive damage. As a result of this it seems that the body shot damage has a 5.5x crit multiplier before it adds the Flat explosive value. If the game were to apply the regular 3.2x crit multiplier and then add the explosive shot damage it would result in a damage loss, so my only guess is that they increased the multiplier in order to actually make it a damage buff.

sniper body = 100

– Explosive shot body = 50 + 65 (50% regular body shot + explosive shot value, i have no idea how this value is calculated)

– Explosive shot crit = (275 + 65) = 340 (50% regular body shot x5.5crit multiplier for some reason + explsovie shot value)

These are calculated with the vorpal perk active e.g. on a champion

– Vorpal sniper body = 115 (100 + 15%)

– Vorpal crit = 373 ( (100 + 15%)x3.24) )

This checks out because 373 is 10%~ more than 340, which is the number i found out in my in game testing.

Perhaps someone who is better at maths than me can figure out what's going on with the explosive shot multipliers and damage because i don't really have an explanation.


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