With just over 3 week until guardian games I’d like to make a plea to Bungie on behalf of a tiny subset of players. Please let us have our Antlers and Wings back.

Tldr: Please can Revelry Ornaments work again.

I apologise how long a post this is for something so minor, but it is something that I care about and I know from posts last year others do too.

I know there is probably few of us left. Those who survived the grind of Revelry and kept the armour.

Fewer still that kept 3 full sets of it.

But I come to you now ahead of time to make my plea.


For those of you who decided that a season based on Gambit was probably worth a miss and skipped season 6. Or those who have joined the ranks of guardians since Opulence onwards let me tell you a story.

In Spring of 2019 while everyone was getting their armour sets to go bully people in gambit prime a brand new event appeared.

This event was the Revelry.

It wasn't anything mind blowing, imagine festival of the lost.

Take out the spoop, add an infinite time limit, and put in buffs you could apply for 30 mins to put a certain ability's regen to speeds that would make mayhem blush. (And make those buffs work anywhere including competitive crucible. I still can't bring myself to use Shinobu's)

But the part that is relavent to this post is the armour. When you ran out of time in the event, or as was more often the case gave up trying (every section of the infinite forest added time) you'd fight 5 bosses in a row and get five chest.

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These chests would drop armour and a currency to hand to Eva.

The armour was nothing special simply a retextured set. However by handing in the currency to Eva you had a very small chance to get two ornaments for the helm.

One a set of Wings and the other Antlers.

The size and brightness of these ornaments would increase with the number of the armour pieces you wore. Be it the armour set described or the event set from evaverse.

The kicker, each ornament was a unique item. If you wanted Wings and Antlers for all 3 classes you had to get all 6 individual ornaments to drop from Eva.

I and many others grinded to silly numbers of branches to get all of them and on the false hope of a response by the Destiny 2 twitter we thought there was a chance we would get to keep them after the event was over.

But alas the glows only worked when the Revelry was on.

So we grumbled, stored them in our vault, and looked forwards to Revelry 2020.

But it never came, instead we got Guardian Games (please don't think this is a complaint towards that event) and on the first day I logged in I rushed excitedly to my vault and took out that dusty helm with it's Antler ornament still applied aaaand nothing.

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They didn't work.

Saddened I accepted that perhaps it was because it was (at least meant to be) an Olympic year that we got Guardian Games. So perhaps Revelry 2021 was my chance.

So that brings us to here.


Bungie please I have two requests. Could we either have our wings and antlers back during guardian games.

Or please could the ornaments themselves become permanent transmogged items. I don't mind if I have to turn the whole set into ornaments or if they would function with the Revelry evaverse set that I use since they became ornaments with Shadowkeep.

However if it is not possible, if something with the introduction of Armour 2.0 broke how they would work because of universal ornaments please tell us. It would be sad, but then we'd at least have closure.

Thank you to anyone who reaches the end of this.


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