You can farm Cipher Decoders from Heroic Story Missions.

Content of the article: "You can farm Cipher Decoders from Heroic Story Missions."

Today: Unbroken, Ice and Shadow, and Deadly Trial is available in the playlist right now, some of the fastest story missions to run though.

Managed to get 4 ciphers in 9 runs, these runs can take up to 3-4 minutes. Not too shabby.

Proof of it dropping:

As a bonus, you can also farm the lore associated with doing Heroic Story Missions.

Edit: Update on my farm, I've gotten 8 cipher decoders in 32 runs. So the drop-rate is roughly 1/4, and I got lucky on my initial start. It's up for debate which activity is the most efficient, but I think we can all agree that the drop-rate for these deciphers are just terrible across the board.

As of now, consider the post as another option to farm Cipher Decoders and not the best default way of farming.

Edit2: According to Cozmo, the decoders are supposed to have a similar drop-rate to Umbral engrams. I really doubt that. I've done 50 Story missions and have only gotten 11 decoders in the span of 4 hours, I feel like I've gotten more engrams than decoders. Honestly, the drop-rate might be bugged. Who knows. His tweet here

*Bungie, by chance you read this thread, please investigate whether these ciphers are dropping as much as they are intended to be.

Edit3: "Nightmare Hunt: Pride" (Skolas) seems to be the absolute fastest way to farm Cipher Decoders (around 2 minutes), but keep expectations low as the drop rate is still the same. It is up this week and you should do a mix of Story Missions and Nightmare Hunts to preserve your sanity.

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Edit4: Possibly the final edit, Cozmo replied to another thread that they are investigating the drop rates. In my honest opinion, hold off on farming decoders and just wait for an update. Don't force yourself on this terrible grind.

Final Edit: Patrols seems to be the absolute fastest way to get decoders, just farm Toland and Kill patrols on the Moon if you really want to do this grind. Drop rates are the same though.


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