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A rant on the peaceful ending and Luther in it

Content of the article: "A rant on the peaceful ending and Luther in it"

I've watched the full playthrough when the game released, so I was quite experienced and knew the main plot points when the game released on PC.

I've decided to try to achieve a perfectly good ending – no stealing, no killing, nothing negative in general. The game provides all the means to do this and even gives some space for mistakes. Exept for one character – Luther.

The first problem I ran into was the fact that you can't get out from Jericho with Luther when it gets attacked. I didn't understand why did this happen and replayed it like 10 times trying different stuff until I gave up and was pleased to see him later. The question of how did he fix his leg and got off the ship is still a mystery for me.

But the biggest dissapointment happened when I decided to return a ticket to the human family and travel to Canada via the boat.

You can't save Luther on the boat, no matter what you do or did up to that point in the story. If you jump into water with him he just dies. Without reason. He just dies on your hands, without any injuries whatsoever. I thought: "Okay, maybe we can bring him back later if I keep him on the boat".

When I managed to get to shore with Alice and Luther's body, they didn't even mention it. Luther just died and characters that grew close to him just left his body lying in the boat. I think this is unacceptable in a story where even a choice to sacrifice yourself allows you to live.

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I'm really dissapointed in this outcome, and being forced to replay the whole last Chapter and steal a ticket just to keep Luther safe is a huge letdown to a great game.

I understand, that it's a way of storytelling, but in a story where you are meant to walk straight on armed soldiers that shoot you and have all the important characters survive, where you select an option to "sacrifice yourself" and get saved, where you are shot and miraculously wake up in the junk yard, It's an insul that you can't save a character when you did not do anything wrong.


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