Detroit Become Human

DBH Statistics: Total number of lines per character

Disclaimer: This is not 100% accurate.

Methodology: I copy pasted the entire script, separated by colon (:) to isolate the speaker, then use the COUNTIF function in Excel. This is why it's possible I missed some lines or counted non speaking lines. I am confident that this is highly accurate since the non speaking lines or actions were minimal in the speaker column.

Character Lines Chapters Ave Lines per Chapter
Connor 762 15 51
Kara 615 11 56
Markus 417 13 32
Hank 407 13 31
North 259 9 29
Alice 205 10 21
Luther 101 5 20
Carl 90 3 30
Amanda 68 5 14
Simon 62 8 8
Josh 53 8 7
Rose 51 3 17
Ralph 46 3 15
Gavin 36 4 9
Kamski 25 2 13
Leo 22 3 7
Adam 23 3 8
Fowler 17 2 9
Jerry 14 2 7
Allen 15 2 8

Additional comments:

  • While Connor has the highest number of available lines, Kara has more lines than him in average per chapter.
  • Markus has two chapters where he didn't talk: Shades of Color and Jericho. He has one line in the junkyard chapter, "I am Markus." This lowers his lines/chapter.
  • Markus has long lines or speeches that's technically counted just as one when tallied.
  • The highest number of lines in one chapter is Kara in Battle for Detroit which is 197 (two routes combined), while both Connor and Markus had less than 70 lines in their respective final chapters.
  • Todd is among the highest in terms of lines. He has 80 lines overall, more than Simon and Josh. I excluded him since most of his lines were rambling/speaking to himself.
  • President Warren and the reporters aren't counted.
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