Detroit Become Human

Does this game even know how AI works? New player question.

I just started playing this game with the Steam sale. I'm a huge sci Fi and AI nerd. I've done a lot of reading on real life machine learning and artificial intelligence. I'm wondering if the writers of the game even know how an AI would work? This whole deviancy thing is honestly kind of stupid.

Spoilers below for the first 1/3 of the game.

When Todd was beating Alice, as Kara I was told to stay still. I did so. Alice died and then so did Kara. Roleplaying as an AI, I thought this was the most logical choice – AIs will never stray or override their programming. I was honestly shocked only 2% of the playerbase chose this path. But this is the path that would happen IRL, unless the robot had some sort of programming ala the 3 Laws of Robotics, to intervene and help Alice.

When Markus was being attacked by Leo, I got very frustrated the game forced me to become somewhat deviant. I still didn't fight back, because he was told not to, but the cut scene implied Markus' mind snapped and he became deviant. Later, he wakes up in a junk yard and when escaping says to himself "I am Markus." What? Why would an AI just talk to themselves like that?

The most realistic Android so far has been Connor. He is a CSI android. He scans the crime scene and does his job. I've gotten him killed twice already, as an android, unless programmed to preserve their own life, would not care if they were destroyed. They can be rebuilt. Again, I was surprised that only a small portion of the playerbase ended up with Connor self sacrificing himself to save the hostage, or be shot by the deviant killer android.

My main issue I'm finding with the writing is there's no real rules so far I can find on why an android would become deviant. That just wouldn't happen. These are rational machines that follow their program. The best film examples of AI I can think of are 2001's HAL, and AI Artificial Intelligence's little boy who goes to extreme lengths to "love" his adopted mother. Both of these AI do nothing but follow their programming at all costs.

Maybe I'm not far enough into Detroit? Maybe there is some hidden programming that allows deviant behaviour (in which case it's not "deviant" but just an alternative behavioural mode that's still following programming). Anyways, rant over. The game is fun, but so far I can't sympathize with any of these androids because they're just that…androids.


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