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First Playthrough

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Well, my first blind playthrough turned out so horribly wrong I love that my morality/rationality I had going in turned everything sour right quick. Not sure how to format this so I'll separate by character.

Connor: When investigating Kara I searched around the house and found their hiding spot, I chased them onto the highway and dodged death with both characters too many times. Missed one QTE while Connor grabbed Kara and he got hit by a truck.

My relationship with Hank, was completely frustrating throughout the game. I pissed him off every time I spoke, even while choosing the dialogue I thought was best.

I saved Hank from falling during a chase. Shot the android at the Eden Club because I felt threatened, and didn't want Hank to get harmed in any way. During the scene where Hank pulls the gun he thankfully didn't shoot.

I killed Chloe, and learned the location of Jericho. This is definitely the decision I regret most as I feel the game would have led me there anyway.

Connor Crossroads: North tried to sway me, and I really wanted to become a deviant but the option remained locked. North escapes, and a soldier kills Connor.

Connor comes back ready to shoot North. A pissed off Hank appears and we fight. The fight ends with me saving him from falling. I put down my controller, because that was a LONG fight. Hank rushes me and throws me off the building.

Connor rises up once again, finds North badly wounded and leaves her to die.

Kara: After becoming deviant I chose to reason with todd; this resulted in Kara getting beaten pretty bad because of a few difficult QTE's but they both escaped battered. To avoid being discovered I chose to stay the night in the not so "abandoned" house. That android is so unsettling!

Read:  If I were living in the DBH universe I'd be anti-android. You probably would too.

At Zlatko's I burned that shit down, Luther joined me, and the disfigured androids swarmed him. Very satisfying.

Kara Crossroads: We hid Luther, played dead in the bodies & escaped Jericho.

This last chapter was a mess. Todd came back and ratted us out to the police resulting in Luther getting shot. Kara & Alice got on a boat, Alice got shot. I lightened our load, and we arrived in Canada. Alice died. Kara gave up on life.

Markus: During his deviant turn I chose to push Leo, I didn't know it would kill him. Just wanted to straighten him out a bit.

He went on to lead a peaceful demonstration. During the protest I chose to stand my ground. Then I was met with 3 terrible options; sacrifice self, attack, or disperse. I chose to sacrifice self and Markus' story ended there.

tl;dr: Hank & Connor are the only survivors!


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