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How do androids recognize themselves in a mirror?

Content of the article: "How do androids recognize themselves in a mirror?"

Hi guys, first post here. I originally wrote this as a question but found the answer while writing it, so I guess I'll share anyway.

How do androids recognize themselves in a mirror?

From my understanding, androids use the facial recognition technology that we use today (of course better and more accurate). They would recognize their reflection by recognizing their own face. But what if they meet another android of the same model who looks just like them?

Of course context matters. If a housekeeping android saw themselves in a mirror while cleaning the bathroom, they'd know it's them because they're the only one in the house who looks like them. If they'd encounter another of their model, they'd know that that's not them because of their movements and the lack of reflective surface between them, like in a street.

On the rare occasion that a situation where an android is met with another of their model (for example, in a Cyberlife test lab) and they'd just be looking at each other, without moving, with glass or something between them, how could they tell?

Maybe they have a software for detecting that. A line of code where if the facial recognition software is unsure if that's another android of if it's their reflection, they'd do a subtle move. Of course, if all androids have the same line of code tho, they'd do the exact same move at the exact same time and they wouldn't be able to tell. Next I thought what if they have a few moves they could perform randomly, but there's still a chance that the randomness will line up anyway and the android will assume that that's a reflection. Also, if they have a sensitive/insensitive facial recognition software, then they'd like scrunch up their nose, wiggle their eyebrows and bit their lip every time they caught a glance of themselves in a mirror.

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Then I realized that I'm stupid actually. If they have a move like "twitch one eyebrow" then the two androids would twitch the same eyebrow, so it wouldn't be mirror opposite. They'd also probably do it at different times since every android, even if they have the same coding, has a different perception of the world, so maybe they'd notice second android before/after them. Not accounting for lag/speed/general age-and-wear-caused issues.

What do you think of this? I love these little detials that make fictional worlds seem realistic. I don't really know if this subreddit is good for these kinds of discussions or if it's more story-oriented, so let me know and if there's a problem, I'll remove the post. Thanks for reading!


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