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How to change relationship stats name in DBH – Tutorial

Content of the article: "How to change relationship stats name in DBH – Tutorial"

Hey guys! Good news, I've figured out a way to change relationship stats names, It took me a while but is very simple. I'm going to make a step-by-step guide:

BIG PROBLEM: You can't add more/less letters than the original name, for example:

You can swap HANK by COLE, because they have the same number of letters.

but you can't swap HANK by MARKUS, because MARKUS has more letters than HANK.

and you can't swap HANK by YAN, because YAN has less letters than HANK.

It is actually possible but I have no idea how to do it.

How to change relationship stats name:

1 – First at all we need download a tool:

2 – After downloading this, we going to open it:

3 – Now we open DBH folder, and locate BigFile_PC.dat file. If you use Steam Version, search on YouTuBe, but it has to be in: C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommon

Abrir local do arquivo = Open file location

4 – Now we going to draw the BigFile_PC.dat file into the HxD tool:

5 – Now CTRL + F and in Hex-values tab search for one of those characters below which you want to change the relationship stats name:

Remember: Search Direction > All /// Click in > Search All

48 41 4E 4B 5F 4E 41 4D 45 08 – HANK

41 4D 41 4E 44 41 5F 4E 41 4D 45 0C – AMANDA

4E 4F 52 54 48 5F 4E 41 4D 45 0A – NORTH

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53 49 4D 4F 4E 5F 4E 41 4D 45 0A – SIMON

4A 4F 53 48 5F 4E 41 4D 45 04 – JOSH

41 4C 49 43 45 5F 4E 41 4D 45 0A – ALICE

4C 55 54 48 45 52 5F 4E 41 4D 45 0C – LUTHER

4C 45 41 44 45 52 5F 4E 41 4D 45 0E – JERICHO

50 55 42 4C 49 43 5F 4E 41 4D 45 1C – PUBLIC OPINION (That is kind of boring, because it depends of your language setting, I'm using ENG for this)

6 – How do I change a name to another one now? It's very simple:

(I'm using Jericho's code, whatever you want will work in the same way)

First off we search for our code:

That was the code that appeared.

Now to change the name all you need is remove "J.E.R.I.C.H.O" row and replace with another one, like this:

As you can see: J.E.R.I.C.H.O

And became this:

I removed J.E.R.I.C.H.O (DO NOT REMOVE THE DOTS) and replaced by O.B.A.M.I.U.M

7 – To finish it we need to apply our new name in all rows possibles. You'll see a tab like that in you program ( Here is all the results which you need to change to the new name. Just click in each one and swap the names, no difficulty. BUT BE CAREFUL: If you noticed, all codes always follow a pattern, like this that always ends up with a 4A, and has 1 row with an 18, that one you need to skip, don't touch it. It occurs too with some others codes.

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Has 20 rows and I just set 1 O.B.A.M.I.U.M yet. (The first one)

8 – Save > CTRL + S

9 – Let's see if works:

Great 🙂

Extra: You can also change the NEUTRAL/FRIEND/HOSTILE/WARM/DISTANT, but is like the Public Opinion, has several languages to each one. I'm tired now so just search for those names in .dat file and enjoy making great names.


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