Detroit: Become Human

I counted the amount of small software instabilities required to deviate Connor, if Connor spared no one.

Content of the article: "I counted the amount of small software instabilities required to deviate Connor, if Connor spared no one."

It's thirteen. He can collect up to eighteen small software instabilities, even if he has never spared a deviant. I made a list of software instabilities hidden behind dialogue options and how to collect them.

  • 2 small instabilities (Hostage): Save the fish. Chose one of those three outcomes on the terrace: snipers shoot Daniel / execute Daniel / initimdate and shoot Daniel.

  • 1small instability (Interrogation): Successfully probe the deviants memory / Gain deviants trust and make him confess

  • 1 small instability (Waiting for Hank): If the deviant is still alive, show compassion when you meet him at the precinct.

  • 2 small instabilities (The Bridge): Pick "disturbed" after Hank judges you for shooting Traci, pick "yes" when Hank asks if you're afraid to die.

  • 2 small instabilities + 1 huge instability (Public Enemy): Pick "perturbed" when talking to Amanda, then pick "conflicted" when she mentions replacing Connor. Rush the deviant in the hall / Rush Simon for a huge software instability.

  • 1 small instability (Meet Kamski): Pick either "troubled" or "defensive" after Kamski asks what you really want.

  • 4 small instabilities (Last Chance Connor): When talking to Amanda, pick "Connor Series", "Secret" and "Yes". When talking to Hank (if he‘s there), pick "doubts" or "troubled".

  • 5 small instabilities (Crossroads): With Markus, pick "reason" or "discourage". Then pick "convince", "appeal" or "our cause". With the last two upcoming options you can pick whatever you like. When Connor is promted to respond, pick "say nothing".


If you find and kill all the deviants, you can not deviate and Hank will commit suicide. I either recommend A) not finding Rupert in "The Nest" or B) not finding the Traci's in "Eden Club".

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If you have either not found Rupert or not found Traci but killed everyone else, don't collect the huge software instability at "Public Enemy". Shoot the deviant in the hall instead. Otherwise, Hank will kill himself if you decide to shoot Chloe.

If you want to trigger the secret "bad Connor" conversation with Hank during "Last Chance Connor" where Hank rants that Connor never showed any emotion, then you must never collect a huge software instability. If you collected one, he will talk about something else or stay silent.


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