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I finished my 3th playthrough and take back what I said about my 2th. THIS is the worst ending.

Content of the article: "I finished my 3th playthrough and take back what I said about my 2th. THIS is the worst ending."

In order to pursue outcomes I haven’t seen yet, I ruined the lives of our beloved characters some more… This time I opted for irredeemable assholes to absolute doom. I thought that my second playthrough already ended terribly, but this ending plus variations puts everything to shame…


At least the fish lives in the end. Got a record worthy 0% success rate while negotiating and Emma died since Connor stood too far away to save her. Picked the worst dialogue on Hank and our relationship was hostile all the way through the game. I tried to pressure Ortiz’ android until self-destruction, but it snapped and confessed anyways. It shot Connor in the head right after, traumatizing Hank. Connor 2.0. let Alice and Kara escape, died chasing Rupert after falling through a glass roof and being chopped into pieces. Connor 3.0. lost the fight to the Traci’s and shot them in the back as they fled.

Connor told Hank he was afraid to die, but Hank killed him anyways. Connor 4.0. killed Simon on the roof for some more software instability and was traumatized. Connor shot Chloe and asked Kamski about Jericho. Amanda was trolled until she downright distrusted me. Hank quit his job. Connor became a deviant at Jericho and went to Hank’s house to patch things up. Hank told him about Cole and his resentment for Connor‘s return from the dead. There’s nothing to prevent Hank from committing suicide.

Connor returned to the deviants and was executed by Markus in the church. I expected his death to be permanent here, but Amanda sent a Connor 5.0. to destroy Markus (which is questionable seeing as she knows I utterly betrayed her!). New machine Connor killed Captain Allen and his crew after attempting to assasinate Markus. Connor got his revenge on Markus after the revolution failed and executed him by headshot. It’s unclear what happened to Connor afterwards, there’s an open ending.

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Pushed Leo again. Killed humans at every available opportunity. Left Simon behind, set a violent statement at Cyberlife store and opted to sacrifice myself during the peace march, but John saved me. I took the dirty bomb from North and turned Connor deviant. Saved Josh, left North to die. I executed Connor in the church. Then I chose the revolution. I returned to Carl‘s mansion and insisted on anger, killing Carl by a heart attack. Failed the revolution, hid and was shot by Connor. Ignited the dirty bomb in Markus’ last living moments.


Ignored Alice. Got the gun and failed every quick time event while fighting Todd to get killed, but Alice shot Todd instead. Stole money at the store and escaped Connor. Evaded memory erasure. Got Luthor killed at Roses‘ house. Distanced myself from Alice after the android reveal and—holy crap, I hate myself for this—, left without Alice once Jericho was under attack. Alice probably died and Kara‘s story instantly cut off, being left open ended.

Variation I / Connor fights Markus

I was told that Connor can potentially be replaced by an upgrade hence I replayed the last revolution sequence and fought Markus with Connor. So Connor‘s upgrade is basically regular Connor with a white jacket and gray eyes and it already looks like it’s considering its life choices as it watches Connor leave. Amanda still feels utterly betrayed. Alright, I wouldn’t necessarily call this a bad ending since Cyberlife’s business is in shambles, disregarding what Amanda says. I doubt anyone will ever trust their android again, at least not from that company. As for machine Connor, he had it coming.

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Variation II / Failed Redemption

I also checked the variation for not executing deviant Connor in the church and opting for a peaceful demonstration while the public hates you. This leads to Cyberlife Connor immediately shooting at our Connor since Hank is dead. I transferred my Connor’s consciousness to Connor 6.0. Markus, Josh and their people were shot dead after singing since Detroit was just indifferent at the end. Connor became the new android leader and Amanda hacked his consciousness. It’s either suicide or giving up. Connor gave up, now forever enslaved by Amanda.

There’s an after credits scene with Kara walking through Detroit and stumbling across a magazine picturing a child android—Alice‘s model.

Variation III / Dirty Bomb at Demonstration

Same as Variation II, but Markus ignited the dirty bomb after being cornered. Afterwards he announced his victory and deactivated his skin. Connor‘s army arrived and I suppose Connor lives in the end.


Imo you can’t play Connor and Kara real villains. There’s too many scripted events with Connor being genuinely concerned about Hank, smiling sweetly or being disturbed by his own actions. When you shoot the Traci‘s in the back his hands are shaking violently and there are several instances where you are forced to make up with Hank. Same goes for Kara and Alice. Even when they’re distant, Kara still dotes on her and cuddles her. Imo, Markus was the only one able to portray a believable villain.

Interesting enough, there is no fifth gravestone for the executed deviant Connor in Amanda’a Zen Garden. I guess either Amanda doesn’t bother burying failure or she didn’t want Connor 5.0. to know his predecessor was a deviant.

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I‘m on the fence on which ending I hate more: the original dirty bomb ending or the demonstrats being executed and Connor becoming Cyberlife‘s puppet once again.

It was an interesting playthrough whatsoever, no matter how gutting. Except for a few small variations, I think I have seen most major endings by now, minus the immediate deactivation endings.


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