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I Finished My First Pacifist Play-Through, and I Have Some Thoughts About North.

To preface: I do not hate North. I don’t think she’s a b***h. I don’t think she’s wrong for thinking what she does and saying what she says. I do however, think the way they’ve written her has backfired on the overall characterisation of her and drastically changes your opinion of her if you play pacifist. Also I know this has probably been said on this subreddit a million times before, but I had to get my thoughts out. And assume when I’m talking about characters, I mean their pacifist route.


As I was playing through I was set on going pacifist, I wanted the best for all the characters because I couldn’t bare to fail on purpose, or see them hurt because I was violent or aggressive, and I watched as I played Markus – choosing peace and understanding over violence and anger – as my relationship with north went from friend to neutral, and kept going down whenever I took the calmer options.

I also watched as I unlocked one path way into North’s past, and managed to (in one chapter) go from neutral to lover when we shared our pasts. And… it was really confusing.

Why would two characters who have completely opposing political views fall in love after I’ve ignored her and shot her down multiple times? Half of it, I assume, is the fact that Simon’s romance route was removed and he would’ve been a good choice for a pacifist Markus; which probably explains why their romance feels so forced whenever you play pacifist. The other half of it feels like a failed set-up for North becoming pacifist.

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With North’s background it’s understandable why she hates humans so much, she only knows violence from them and also thinks that the only thing they will listen to is violence. I do not understand why she choses a person who has completely conflicting views.

All I could think about while playing how Markus’ relationship with her could help improve her relationship with humans. Markus could take her to see Carl, have them talk all together, they could ruminate on all the ways they’ve been hurt and heal together. But instead she is insistent on the revolution, on fighting, no matter how close you get to her, no matter what your choices provoke.

It’s frustrating! When North convinced the android in Jericho to give her the remote detonator to the dirty bomb and to not activate it, I had hope that this could be the start of her being more pacifist and I wanted the game to build upon that. But in the next moment she was saying how she hoped you were right for being pacifist and trying to talk because otherwise everyone was gonna die.

So here’s how, in an ideal world, I’d have the Markus/North relationship go: It goes the same until the start of Freedom March, North and Markus meet on the roof top and talk and if you have everything you can talk about North’s past with her and (if you are able to convince her to tell you) you interface with her. She confides in you that she saw your memories, how kindly you were treated by Carl and how she wished that everyone was treated that way. And, if you chose to fight back against Leo, how she saw you fight back and how all you got was shot and sent to a dump. It shakes something in her, and she leaves, distraught and then you’ve unlocked a path for her to become a pacifist with you. Add some more scenes of North and Markus together, or her trying to be calmer and addressing her own trauma with sympathy and then at the end, she’ll say she wants to march, not fight and will stand by your side.

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Or, just have Simon as a romance route so you can have someone to romance if you’re playing pacifist without it being really confusing by how you can make your relationship with North tank in multiple chapters and still be able to kiss her as long as you’ve looked at the right stuff.

I can talk about North all day because I love her but damn if that part of playing pacifist isn’t confusing.


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