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I have no idea how Gavin is more liked than North

Like the title says, I don’t understand. For me Gavin is a one dimensional character, a stereotype. A unaccepting, racist white cop who is young and acts like a hotshot. I say he’s racist as we have no idea why he hates Androids. Like I can excuse Hank, who I feel neutral towards, as he has a reason. His son was being operated by an Android when he died. So I believe it’s a fair assessment

We have little to no information about Gavin. Like I looked at his wiki page and most of it is talking about small details like his name or who was his actor. He isn’t grumpily lovable because we see no type of golden heart like Hank. He’s always hostile towards Connor, no matter what. He doesn’t respect anyone, as his description states that he is hated by the whole police force for his attitude. There’s nothing good about him. He doesn’t even show up in the game that much and isn’t a compelling villain like Amanda, or even machine Connor.

Compare this to North, one of the most controversial and mostly hated by a big chunk of the fandom. They claim that it’s because she’s too violent, but Gavin could be more violent. They say she never gives humans a chance, yet Gavin never trusted Androids and still doesn’t by the end of the game, even if you do the peaceful ending. Would I call North racist towards humans? That’s a bit tricky and I put her in the same category as Hank with that, unlike Gavin which I’m 100% sure is racist towards at least Androids, as I cannot accuse him of anything else as I don’t know much about him.

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Unlike Gavin, we know why North hates humans. She was a sex Android, only to be used as a toy, again and again. She would forget this encounters every two hours and never get to see the light of day. Eventually she got tired of being treated so poorly and became deviant. She strangled the man she was with and ran to Jericho. This is her deviancy story. We know why she hates humans. And I think it’s fair, if she never seen any type of good from humans, why would she like them?

Could you say that North is a poorly developed character? 100% because even though I like North, I’m well aware that she has some type of writing issue and can seem a bit irrational in her decisions, but we know more about her than Gavin. If you see Gavin as a better developed character than North, that’s complete bull as we know nothing about Gavin’s backstory and he isn’t even that compelling for the story. So if you hate that North is so poorly written, then I would say you probably would need to say the same thing about Gavin.

The only criticism of North that cannot also be applied to Gavin is that she is treated as a love interest and nothing more. That’s fair too and I won’t argue about that. I wish North could win the revolution if she was the leader of Jericho but David Cage isn’t ready for that type of power. That or she’s in the way of Markus and Simon, which seems irrational to hate a character that’s in the way of your ship when they have done nothing. Ship what you want, but hating a character that has the determinant relationship with one of the characters you ship with the other is too far, especially if you hate them as a couple so much, you can always just not do it. It’s a choice based game for a reason.

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The other reason I would see if that Gavin is a guy and North is obviously a girl and we don’t need to have a discussion about that.

TL:DR: it’s crazy what treatment Gavin gets compared to North, who is hated by the majority of the fandom, when most of the reasons of hating her can also be applied to Gavin. This does not refer to those who hate both, as that’s fair because if you have a problem with violent people, then both of them fit the bill. I don’t want to say there’s a sexism issue, because I would like to believe otherwise, but it seems crazy with the aggressive hatred towards a character that I haven’t even seen the actual villains of the story, Todd and Zlatko, ever experience.


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