Detroit Become Human

I just finished my first own playthrough… and there is something that needs to be said

First off, English is only my third language so please forgive any typos, grammar and or spelling errors. I also write this fresh off after finishing my first playthrough which means that it might be a stream of conciusness to some degree.

As a heads up I am one of those people who does not own or want a console so I had no chance to play it myself before I did watch youtubers play it and while I liked the variety it had it never really clicked me enough. When the whole messy Epic games deal rolled around I wrote the game off since I did not want to support those kind of buisness practices and thus did not get it. That however was rectified with the steam release and let me tell you one thing above all else.

Playing it is vastly different then watching it. This is hugely important for those "I just watch it on youtube" people like I was to know.

You are far more engaged if its your choice to make, and also vastly more engaging if your sucesses and failures stick with you. To give an example I was determined to save as many as I could, and I went the peaceful route. Yet I lost Luthor during the camp scene and I hate that it happened, yet I stuck with it. It gave weight to my choices, in a way very few games do.

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And the second big thing is I can finally understand why the game is so highly controversial. What I noticed as I kept playing is that the game is very blunt in the way it conveys its message. And I think a large chunk of the controversy came from a simple fact. The fact that people who are normally not part of a marginalized group and not at the recieving end of racism in small and large form finally had to "feel" what it means to be treated like that at every step of the way. As I said I did a peaceful protest and was horrified how they were treated for just wanting to be free, I felt the anger and was on several occasions tempted to turn violent when more and more of "my people" got gunned down for no other reason then wanting to be free. I got angry at being called "plastic" and "fake" and shoved around, hated for no other reason then existing, I was sick and tiered of people like Leo, and even Hank in the beginning projecting their own problems and issues onto me.

In short the game does a great job putting people who might normally not part of a marginalized and or group that is on the recieving end of disctrimination. And sadly I think what happened to a lot of people and lead to the controversy of it all is that many people seem to lack the empathy and fall into the pattern of now being a "victim" and project their issues of not being able to contront the fact that they might have been advertetly or inadvertedly being racist and or discriminating.

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It made people uncomfortable, but I think it was necessary and made the story all the better for it. To be clear I still think that David cage is too obvious and blunt in his writing, but in the case of Detroit become human I think that was a positive rather then a negative and hopefully a wakeup call.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Or totally different? Whats your take on what I said? Let's discuss.


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