Detroit: Become Human

I just finished my first playthrough

Content of the article: "I just finished my first playthrough"

And damn this game was awesome. I already talked about my experience with Heavy Rain and Beyond in the gaming reddit but since the Detroit subreddit is very much alive, I decided to post this one here, so let's get to it. I… well I'm not even sure about what to say. I thought Heavy Rain was good, but damn this was amazing. The soundtracks were really touching, I got really invested in the characters, and the story really is awe inspiring. I especially loved the nods to how androids are treated similarly to how slaves or black people used to be treated. I think I read somewhere that it's somewhat of a controversial issue, but I liked it just because of that. To me, Detroit was one of those very few games that I played less and less as time passed because I didn't wanted my first playthrough to end. I know the game has a lot of alternate paths, in fact, I've actually spent the last couple of days checking out a few of them, but I guess nothing will be the same as the first playthrough. I'll still play it a few more times, that's for sure, I'm not quite ready to let go of the game just yet. If there is one flaw I'd have to signal, though, that would be the lack of convergence between the stories. Sure, they converge in the last few chapters (Crossroads was awesome) and in On the Run (gotta say, that gaze at the fence really made me believe something more would happen there), but the main characters, especially Kara, feel disconnected from the other two. At least Deviant Connor has the same purpose as Markus in the last chapter, but Kara's objective doesn't changes even after going to Jericho. I just think it would have been cool to have the option to leave Alice safe in the church and maybe have Kara do something useful for the revolution as well. I still loved every each one of their stories and fell in love with the characters, though, and this is probably one of the best stories I've ever seen in a game. In fact, at least I highly doubt that Quantic Dream will ever be able to top this, I've always believed this was their Magnum Opus even before I played the game, and now it definitely feels like it. Of course, they're definitely more than welcome to try, but this game will always hold a special place in my heart. I'll also definitely look forward to maybe some kind of DLC or something for this game, even though there's nothing confirmed for the moment. So I'll end the way I ended my two past appreciation posts, with a recommendation to play this game (though I suppose if you're on this subreddit it means you've played the game already) and a reassurance that it won't dissapoint, of that I am very sure.

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