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I just finished the game. I loved it but there may be something wrong with me because I couldn’t care less about the androids in general

TL;DR: The game is simply amazing, but I didn't care about androids at any moment and just wanted any of them stopped the second they turned deviants. I just used Connor as a tool for human justice and little more, even though I really tried to have a good relationship with Hank but kept failing miserably in my interactions with him.

I finally got to play and finish it. I've actually completed almost all of it in one session after doing the first three or so chapters yesterday. Huge spoilers obviously in the post.

The very first chapter of Connor rocks. The investigation, the music blasting around and the confrontation to save the girl. I managed to convice the android to surrender and he got shot and killed. Yay! I was just doing my job and trying to save the girl, which was the top priority, or at least that's how I saw it.

Now, Kara… well, I only got to play her for one level. Yeah, I'm a terrible person. I found the gun and the window exit in the previous chapter, and also opened the box and found out what happened to past Kara version. But no, I didn't move at all when the father went upstairs. Why? Well, I actually was about to move all the time, of course I knew that what was happening was wrong, but I was worried about doing more harm than good, like killing the father and then social services take the girl. By the looks of the credit scenes, it looks like the girl actually spends the rest of the game with you lol I thought the father and daughter were just an introduction to Kara's story. IF the father had gone upstairs with obvious intentions of killing her (saying it, or taking again) I would have moved ASAP, but I didn't feel like the situation was something new for her… Once the episode ended and she was dead I couldn't believe it… I almost rewinded to make it seem that it was what Kara thought would happen and so she prevents it, but I decided to stick with my choice and see what happened next, which is never seeing her again… fail for me.

Read more:  !WARNING SPOILERS! i just finished Detroit for the first time and just want to rant a little bit

Markus… his introduction with the old painter is great but then he lives through the junkyard scene and suddenly he turns into the robo-liberator leader? Why? I felt no connection to Jericho or why Markus instanly became their leader. I played him as determined but peaceful, which got him killed at the march on the streets. Compared to Connor his episodes were just meh, it was just one crazy plan after another and I don't know where all their ideas came from, it seems they became soldiers in the span of one night.

Back to Connor, he is the absolute greatest. Loved his chapters, finding the truth, interrogating suspects and chasing some of them too. Funny thing: apparently I'm TERRIBLE at playing as him. I didn't handle Hank well at the bar, I succeeded at the first investigation though, but I kept failing miserably at my interactions with Hank. I asked about his son when apparently I shouldn't have. I killed the prostitute-android in self defense and he got mad (wtf? they were attacking me!), and chased the subject instead of saving him because the game said there was an 89% chance of living (I saved him at the TV tower when it said 40%). Guess what, he shot me at the park lmao I saw it coming from a mile away because he kept getting angrier and angrier. I actually died a second time later and ultimately played Connor as thinking his relationship with Hank is a lost cause and just focusing on the mission. I killed North (never cared about her honestly) even at the expense of a few cop lives (all for the greater good), Hank committed suicide (it was an android's job to make him see the good in humanity??) and finally obviously got replaced by a newer model and happily accepted it.

Read more:  A as ra9. North as the 4th protagonist. Markus as the leader of the second Jericho. Kara as the reluctant leader of the first Jericho. Connor as the puppet of Cyberlife Part 1

What I failed at was caring about the androids and their robo-lution. Sure, I played Markus chapters as best as I could, but I still never cared about them. I was just thinking about how terribly scared I'd be if this happened in real life. I'd want all androids destroyed immediately and reduce the risk to a 0%. No, I don't want them to be equal to humans, and of course it's my fear talking, but why would I risk a stronger and more intelligence "race" live with us? The game kept pushing and pushing the idea time and time again but I just acted in the human's interests almost all the time. I can't remember the last time, if ever, that I really enjoyed a game but couldn't care less about the connection they trade to make me have with its characters.

Edit: Woah, I just learned that the little girl is actually an android. I don't feel so bad anymore lol


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