Detroit Become Human

I waited two years to play this game, spoiler free up until yesterday, and I have to say… (spoiler free)

What an absolutely incredible fucking game.

I'm not finished yet, but from what I understand I'm close (9.8 hours), and I only saw a spoiler for one ending yesterday, something that honestly added to how incredibly tense one moment was.

After seeing some of the "SEAN!" gameplay of heavy rain I didn't expect a whole lot from this studio, maybe because it was a quick glance, but the futuristic setting alone was enough for me to get this game on sale, as well as the incredibly cool demo that was a blast to play.

I was not expecting anything remotely this close to a gameplay experience, the demo's tree gave me a little taste to see how many options there were but after playing for only a few hours the sheer number of different choices you can make, and how far back things trace back is incredibly immersive, and I have to say, I don't know what the last time was, if any, that I experienced a game that had such a mix of strong emotional moments, incredibly tense moments, and times when I thought everything was about to fall apart only to have it somehow pull off.

This is by far one of the best stories I've ever encountered in a video game, something incredibly thought provoking and just plain one of the best stories I've experienced, be it a game, tv show, movie, or book.

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As I'm writing this I'm resisting the urge to pull an all nighter and see how it ends, but I also don't want it to. There are mistakes I've made, things I wish I could fix, and things I'm glad I did regardless of the outcome.

All in all this game is an absolutely incredible experience that I'm a bit lost for words at due to the sheer complexity and immersion.

I just know that I'll definitely be feeling something missing from my life once I come to the end of this incredible story.

Quantic Dream, you guys have created a truly unique gaming experience, and something that stands out from so many other things out there, what an absolutely incredible job. I just wish I had picked up the other two games as part of the sale now, and I dearly hope for another game from you.


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