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I wrote a write-up on Markus and North’s personalities and successfully revised their Wikia entries. However, more work needs to be done.

Content of the article: "I wrote a write-up on Markus and North’s personalities and successfully revised their Wikia entries. However, more work needs to be done."

I've made a post weeks ago about revamping the sections of the wikia. The wikia entry:

Markus's Before

My Write up:

had it all, and lost it all. seen hell and now hell lives in . a being of half-light and half darkness. Which will prevail?"Lucy

In the beginning chapters of the story, Markus does not speak unless it's necessary for his task. If Markus approaches anti-android protestors, he does not respond to any of their provocations. However, despite appearing mechanical, Markus is shown to be observant and self-aware, looking around after entering the android compartment of the bus.

As a caregiver, Markus is polite and attentive to Carl, who likes to engage in conversations with the android. With Carl, Markus is humorous and teasing. While Carl encourages Markus to think independently, he denies having the capacity to do. Despite considering himself as nothing more than a machine in the time they spent together, Markus considers Carl as his own father.

Markus' deviates due to his awareness of his personhood, expressed through his original painting that even surprised Carl. He is aware that Leo treats him unfairly and questions why he should obey Carl's commands. Upon arriving at Jericho, Markus is angry to learn that the deviant androids resigned themselves in hiding and waiting for an eventual breakdown. He questions their idea of freedom and chooses to change things.

Markus eventually establishes himself as a leader in Jericho and deviants androids as a whole. He desires that androids will be recognized as living beings and be granted rights. Markus spurs the other leaders – North, Simon, and Josh – to take action and inspires other androids to join their cause. When Connor confronts Markus in Jericho, Markus' words can sow doubts and help him deviate.

The player determines the quality and competence of Markus as a leader. His means of sending a message to humans can range from pacifistic to hostile, with many variations in between. He can be idealistic, believing that a peaceful approach is the best way for humans to listen, embracing non-violence even if it costs his life. On the contrary, he could have a complete lack of faith in the human race. Thus, he could also be pragmatic with the capacity to sacrifice humans and androids alike for his goal.

Leadership is shown to burden Markus and leaves him with conflicted feelings, especially that he describes his time with Carl positively but at the same time think of himself as a slave. When he speaks with North before Freedom March, he can either enjoy his status or show disgust on his hunger for power. He also confides feeling helpless to Carl and can ask for fatherly advice, but he can also lash out in anger.

While Markus can be brave and heroic, risking his life to save others, he can also be cowardly and weak depending on the player. Markus can run away from his missions when danger arrives or fail them. If Markus abandons Jericho completely, he will be shown to be alive at the end of the story and hiding among humans.

North's section Before

My write up

North is the most guarded among Jericho's androids when Markus arrives in their hideout. At the first chance to speak with her, directly asking about her past will negatively affect her opinion of Markus. Nonetheless, when Markus suggests a plan to steal biocomponents in Spare Parts, North does not hesitate to volunteer.

Her drive to help androids is shown throughout the story, willing to take extra risks like stealing the truck in Spare Parts and charging headfirst into a fight whenever she perceives a threat. Besides the treatment of androids in general, North’s past as a sex android fuels her distrust of humans and compassion for other androids, leaving her visibly distressed when she recounts the experience to Markus.

North believes that strength is the message that androids should send to humans and that nothing can be obtained through peaceful means, even if this results in negative public opinion. This put her at odds with Josh who opposes her violent methods. North is also not averse to extreme methods like killing unarmed humans and shooting Simon for the sake of Jericho.

If Markus is indecisive, North takes charge and uses her own solutions. She leads Jericho in Markus' absence or death, she abandons all efforts for peace but will remain defiant until the end. If Connor encounters her in the Cyberlife store after losing the revolution, North will tell him that androids will rise again.

Depending on player choices, North’s opinion of Markus and the android cause changes based on his competence. Failed missions will result in North rejecting Markus and stepping up as the new leader. Despite's North aversion to peaceful methods, she will support Markus if he shows conviction and proves his capabilities as a leader. Whether Markus leads a revolution or a demonstration, North will be supportive. If the relationship between North and Markus is positive, she will offer her "heart" or thirium pump regulator to Markus in the revolution if he is shot down. In a successful peaceful demonstration, North is shown to be happy.

I might still revise this and move the last paragraph to North's relationship section. Speaking of which, Markus' Relationships section needs a major revision. I'll need a few days and I will welcome brainstorming. In the current state, its obvious the writer favors Simon even above Carl.

How the heck would Simon get longer relationship entries than Carl and North?


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