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I’m baffled.

Content of the article: "I’m baffled."

Why can the androids feel emotions?

This is a question I had the entire game. I thought it would be answered – guess it wasn't deemed important enough to answer. Or maybe I'm too stupid to see it.

The reason humans feel emotions are a combination of the endocrine and nervous system. We release hormones and interpret stimuli in the brain and that results in our emotional responses. It's obviously much more complex than that, but that barebones explanation establishes why androids shouldn't.

There is no way the engineers at Cyberlife designed these androids in a way that they would feel emotion. The reason humans are not the most efficient they can be is their efforts are largely influenced by emotion – a flaw androids would not have if they were designed to be effective. Why would you design an android to feel fear if they're likely working several risky jobs? What's the point? Why would you design workers that never enjoy any leisure and give them the same capacity to feel emotions as humans?

I understand they were designed to look as human as possible. Key word is "look". They're designed to emulate emotion for human comfort in the same way that Isabelle in Animal Crossing is designed to look sad when you try to delete your save file. That doesn't mean she can go rogue out of fear. They wouldn't have to create hormonal systems in order for the androids to look sad when their owner is sad.

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I want to feel for the androids cause. But I genuinely can't take this game seriously because of that fact. The humans aren't oppressors because the androids shouldn't even be designed to be oppressed. They shouldn't have been designed to feel emotions so that they feel like slaves – humans treat them like roombas because that is absolutely how they should have (and would have might I add) been designed. A house tool that doesn't feel anything.

I only have one ending under my belt. Maybe I missed something. Clarification would be appreciated if there is any – but if the central plot point is inherently faulty, that casts a shadow over the game for me and can't be dismissed.


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