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Is Connor a prototype?

Content of the article: "Is Connor a prototype?"

I had a conversation awhile back with another user about whether Connor was a prototype or not. They insisted he was, but I don't think so.

There's a lot of clues to suggest he's not. Markus is a RK prototype as we discover during the events of Public Enemy. Marku's model number is RK200, while Connor's is RK800

In The Hostage, we have an PL600 was being replaced with a newer AP700, as well as in the Machine Connor ending the RK800 Connor is replaced with a RK900 model. This suggest the higher the number the newer the model. That means there may have been 7 different RK models before Connor was released.

While he also could be a prototype of a RK800 model, the last two digits in his serial number suggests otherwise. He is a 51, and as we see every time he dies the number goes up. In the deviant Connor route, another Connor shows up with the number 60.

This suggests that not only is Connor not the first RK model, he's also not the first RK800 model with there being 50 others.

The last argument I was given is that can be multiple prototypes made. Though I would say that it's unlikely company would produce 50 of an expensive model if it wasn't already finalized (but eh maybe Cyberlife is weird).

Finally I will point out the conversation with Amanda at the beginning of Last Chance, Connor. You can ask Amanda about the Connor Series and Connor will say "I'm not an unique model, am I? How many Connors are there?" with the camera focusing on his serial number.

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This implies that Connor was lied to about being a prototype in the first place (possibly programmed not to even question it). If there was multiple prototypes what not give him that information. Why would Amanda answer him? Why not let him know about other RK models?

I think the implication are clear but I got a lot of push back when I just stated it as a fact before. So what is the general consensus? Was Connor really a prototype, or was he lied to?

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