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Just Finished First Playthrough!

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It took me 12 hours to finish. I did the peaceful ending. Markus and all his allies survived except Simon, who Connor found at the top of the Stratford Tower. Kara, Luther, Jerry, and Alice all made it into Canada. Connor met Hank outside the diner afterwards. I also just let Chloe go on the main screen. Ended up with 30/48 possible achievements, the rarest of which was A GLIMPSE OF JERICHO.

Most of my choices seemed pretty popular – I think the rarest choice I had, percentage-wise, was dying Kara's hair brown, unless you count the glitch I had where the game froze during Crossroads, skipped weirdly, and when I'd reloaded the chapter flowchart said that something had timed out and Kara, Luther, and Alice had been captured. (I did re-load from an earlier checkpoint to replay that scene, for obvious reasons.) There was a little bit of jankiness on the movements sometimes, which could be frustrating, but mostly it led to things like Kara accidentally wandering in front of Todd while trying to clean – though I'll admit it caused me a little bit of stress when I had timed scenes like in Zlatko, since I didn't want to time out due to gameplay issues with movement!

I'm assuming there was a way to save Simon, since the flowchart looks like there's a fourth locked option at a lot of points where Markus has companions (examples: the final protest and jumping off the ship.) But I got the location of Jericho from connecting to Simon, so I'm not sure how else Connor would have found it, unless he shot Chloe, which I really didn't want to do.

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I enjoyed this game and wish there were more in the genre – it reminds me of something like Choice of Games' text adventures made into an actual game. I see that Quantic Dream has made a few other games – do those have a similar range of choices with different outcomes? I like the genre, but the only other studio I know that did anything like this was Telltale, and my issues with them was that the choices usually didn't seem to branch – you'd get to pretty much the same ending no matter what. Here, it looks like the locked flowchart's showing that there are a bunch of different paths, and I can't imagine you'd get the same ending from something like accepting North's dirty bomb or leading a violent revolution.

Being from the Detroit area, I enjoyed the setting, and found it funny how they mixed actual Detroit things (Ferndale is a real city, Hart Plaza, Woodward Ave) with the made-up sports teams, one made-up suburb, and "we're going to get as humanly close to using the Old English D as we possibly can on hats and stuff without actually making it an Old English D," probably so the Tigers didn't sue them. (The most unrealistic thing? That lovely mass transit system that takes Markus into Ferndale. I think we'll have androids before a decent light rail system.)


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