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Just Finished My First Play-through!

Content of the article: "Just Finished My First Play-through!"


Here are my endings, and really curious to play again to see what choices affect what outcomes. Really loved that quantic let you see the flowcharts after each chapter, there’s so much more content to discover! For the first time I don’t want to watch all the possible endings on YouTube (like I did on Beyond: Two Souls). Truly a beautiful game full of moral conundrums.

Connor: Chose Deviancy at Jericho with Markus, and ended up at Cyberlife Tower. After successfully getting to the warehouse, I missed the action prompts and was shot before I could do anything. Was SUPER mad, Connor was probably my favorite ‘droid.

Kara/Alice: Made it to the Canadian Border by bus, where the border officers were taking temperatures. Opted to not sacrifice anyone, hoping maybe I could get by? Welp, the public opinion on androids was hostile and the officer reported me. Luther (who I saved after Jericho) tried to save me and was shot. Kara and Alice were destroyed, execution style. I was not happy, but the situation seemed hopeless. Don’t know how they were going to get out of that tbh

Markus: ugh, Markus. I don’t know why but I felt pressured to choose the revolutionary route? Like that’s the route the game and supporting characters wanted? But idk I didn’t like it. Markus ended up surviving and infiltrating the camp, but Simon, North, and Josh all died in the battle. Oof. Game ended with Markus rallying all the camp ‘droids and he gave a speech, yadda yadda yadda.

I think next time I’ll chose the pacifist route with Markus, as I truly didn’t enjoy the revolutionary route. The whole time I kind of didn’t think the androids really deserved equal rights? Which oh boy I know sounds awful, but I felt off about Markus basically forcing androids to convert to deviancy? Like some kind of cult leader? Like were all the androids he converted even TRULY deviant? Or just following him cause he hacked their systems?

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I felt way more for Connor and Kara than I did Markus and the the Jericho members. The way both had more of a set of morals, and the internal turmoil to me felt more human-like than any of the choices Markus was faced with. With that said though, I felt weird towards the end of the game when you find out Alice is a ‘droid. Like, Alice isn’t a deviant! Isn’t Kara forcing her to be her daughter, cause that it what is in Alice’s programming? To be a child? To be cared for? I felt weird about that dynamic. But what did you all think? Do androids deserve equal rights? Deserve freedom? Or just fair treatment/compensation? Are androids, alive?


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