Detroit Become Human

Just finished the game – some thoughts

Somehow regret we don't see / hear about human sharing Markus ideal. Surely there are some android friendly people / group outhere. Something more vocal / visible / official than the occasional smugglers.

Also the fact that every single android that is freed will directly join and abide to Markus cause ? If they are as empathetic and "humanlike" as they claim, at least a significant portion would have second thoughts to join the movement. Some android might be ok / pleased / happy with their condition or the relationship they have with their owner. Stating that they ALL want to break free, revolt is a bit biased imo. If they simply follow Markus without question then it's simply exchange a dictator for another. Doesn't makes much sense. It's presented as a black/white scenario (no pun intended) were in reality it's way more complex.

Also as direct byproduct of human, it makes sense they ask to reclaim factories to ensure continuity of their kind. But that should tell something. We are their maker. Will this be healthy on the long term ?

It also makes me question why we feel the need to make android as human like as possible ? It blurr the line and it's a mistake IMO. I'm ok with chappy like machine. A realistic looking Human will just confuse me. My vacuum cleaner is not physically relatable as a human and that totally fine. Why the need to bridge the gab…. As advanced as they are, this shouldn't be misleading. Same thing as you dress an animal with a tuxedo. It's cute/funny… But is it right/healthy ?

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A side question: how internet box and leased cars works nowadays is that you don't even own the thing. You pay for a right to use it as a service. I see very few barriers from cyberlife to simply massively recall / remote format all concerned units.

Also it seems not very credible that this scenario as not been expected / encompassed during conception of those Androids…. Keeping control of your product of something so sensitive and pricey just makes common business sense.

Last point : so far computer can't think by themself. Only way to upgrade a system is via patches. Anything a system will do has to be already a human. And if no solution is recorded then you have a bug / crash. Maybe it's like 4th dimension, because I'cant comprehend it doesn't mean it's impossible… But still. Let's say we managed to instilate autonomy, they will then cease to be perfect, start making guesstimate and loose all their appeal as a machine aka "a flawless executant." Suddenly became lesser than human as we are trained to to guess / fiddle / feel for ages…. (I admire my calculator for her unsurpassed mathematics, not for concern on "how I feel today")


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