Detroit Become Human

Just finished this game..

I've to say, this was the most tense, edge-of-the-seat experience out of choice driven games, I've played in a while. And, goddamn was it good!! I absolutely love how this game makes you emotionally root for the characters, especially Kara and Alice story arc. Connor and hanks bromance. Rise of ' ROBO JESUS ' Markus, was damn satisfying. With me sweating with every decision made, I finally managed to get a Happy ending for everybody.

I was kinda surprised, when choices made in the begining of the game are somehow critical towards the end. Like, when hank asks random questions to find who the real Connor was towards the end. Goddang!! It was sooo tense!

About Kara and Alice's story arc, I was in the edge of my seat, constantly working my way out of Detroit. There where alot of areas where I could've fucked everything up, like that part where you could end up having your memory erased, escaping Jericho, or leaving for Canada. Somehow, I got em all to safety. No one was harmed. I think Kara and Alice's was the best, in terms of emotionally rooting for characters.

In Markus storyline, I went full on pacifist, non violent take. Rising up for their cause and finally getting freedom was satisfying! Everybody, made it.

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Connor was a genuine badass the whole time! With his blade runner – esqe transition from hunting down deviants to joining the cause was damn good! I was constantly struggling with hank and Conor, early on in the game. Anyways, I did them right in the end. Him and hank embracing in the end was the cherry on top.

Don't know if this is standalone, if they are making a sequel or anything. I'm all in!! ❤️❤️


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