Detroit: Become Human

Just had the most traumatic run ever.

Content of the article: "Just had the most traumatic run ever."

This was my second run on Detroit. The first was sad but successful IMO! I waged war as Markus and won my people's freedom. Connor died as a martyr for the cause, freeing thousands of androids to help Markus' army. Kara died trying to get to Canada because some idiots got salty the androids were asking for equality with a little of… violence. Not perfect by any means but overall I got all I wanted, especially because I'm in love with Jesse Williams since High School thanks to Grey's Anatomy. Kara's storyline was the most meh to me.

Anyway, I decided to try a new run. Connor would be full machine, Markus an idealist pacifist and Kara would do everything to keep Alice safe. Oh boy, did it all go to shit! I don't remember the specifics or what choices exactly I made because it was all so fast. I basically played more than half of the story today. What I can say is, shit got dark.

Markus sacrificed by burning himself in front of the world. When that happened I was so sad but I thought "Hey, at least everyone else will survive" because the army first put their guns down… and immediately after they fucking shot everybody. I watched speechless as North's corpse fell. I couldn't believe that shit. I still can't.

Kara died in a fucking concentration camp with Alice. I don't even know what to say here. Seeing their corpses right before the credits rolled was just too much. I cried at that. All I wanted was to protect that girl and that's what happens??? The worst part is that this time I was trying to make everything right to be sure they'd survive and have a happy ending. So yeah, not exactly what I was going for.

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And Connor was successful and accomplished his mission indeed, that was nice right? Markus is dead so at least his story didn't end bitterly… FUCK NO. Hank fucking shot himself and I had to hear Sumo's cry for his dead human. Fuck that, this'll haunt me forever. I will never do a machine Connor run EVER again.

I'm legitimately traumatized. Don't think I'll do anything else today besides eat some ice cream watching B99 and then cry myself to sleep. I'm devasted.

10/10. Will play again tomorrow.


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