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Missed opportunity in Jericho – how Todd had more backstory than supporting characters

Content of the article: "Missed opportunity in Jericho – how Todd had more backstory than supporting characters"

We learn so much about characters based on the environment they personalize or they live in. By adding so much details in the background you can tell a story without needing to engage in dialogues or exposition.

  • Carl's house – filthy rich, intellectual, artist
  • Todd's house tells who he is outside his drug-filled ramblings and hatred. He used to be a taxi driver. He's broke with so much unpaid credit cards but can't take of himself (messy living room and laundry) so he still needed an android. He likes music, sports, and is taking anti-depressants. All of these information can be gathered without talking to him.
  • Hank is already a known dimensioned character, but consider the contents of his desk and his house. He's the middle-class person compared to Carl and Todd. Hank's house isn't as filthy as Todd's and his dog is fed well (maybe too well since he just leaves the whole sack of food at the floor).

So this brings me to my point: Jericho should have been just more than a decrepit place of misery. There are so many unused rooms in that ship. Deviants could have had their own rooms rather than just stand like mannequins by the fire. If I were to expand Markus' exploration I would have written it this way:

Markus sees the address of the Cyberlife warehouse from the crate. He goes to Lucy to suggest a plan but the other androids in the room are weakened. That's why Markus need to recruit the ones who are still relatively functional: North, Simon and Josh.

  • Josh's room – has books, lots of paper, maybe a university jersey
  • Simon's room – maybe has a piece of toy (a reminder of his old job), his room is very well kept and cleaned compared to Josh's
  • North – After Markus knocks, she doesn't let him enter her room, but she comes out instead
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Markus can scan these objects and ask Simon and Josh. The conversation with North can play out as usual.

I know they're too afraid to leave the hiding place, but it would have added so much dimensions if the deviants had possessions and things they value.


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