Detroit Become Human

My first playthough ending:

I played this game in one sitting, took about 12 hours. Yes, it was tiring but I was so engrossed in the story I had to finish it. The ending I got was 100% exactly what I wanted, I was so nervous I would kill off a main character at so many points in the final chapter.

Kara: Kara, Alice, and Luther stole the bus tickets and made it to Canada. I was certain they would die, I was sneaking around and came upon Luther (who managed to survive the Jericho fiasco) and all 3 of us went through the police checkpoint thing to reach the bus. I managed to bs my way through, but I was SO scared because earlier I turned off Alice's temperature control and I used the excuse that Alice was sick (to the police) so I was scared they would try and touch her forehead for a temp check and would realize they are androids. I saw my whole life flash before my eyes, I was terrified! Also Luther kept wanting to kill the police and I was *so* close to doing it but didnt, luckily that all worked out. Luther being like "They're going to kill Alice we have to do something!" almost got my ass, but not this time Luther! At the Canadian border, the man looked up and saw on the TV that androids were peacefully protesting and let us through , so yay! All 3 lived! (I assume they can die at many points throughout this part of the story).

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Markus: Jericho & co were peaceful throughout the whole story, I just thought it was best this way. I was beginning to regret that after a while because they kept getting shot constantly, but I decided to stay peaceful and try to make the humans understand without violence. The whole squad survived as well. I thought Simon was a goner because I left him on the roof, but when Connor's chapter came around I was like "why would I go rat out my boy Simon?" and I just ignored the crate he was in. I'm glad Simon managed to survive 🙂 With North I was very annoyed with her for a lot of my run because I was playing a peaceful Markus and North kept getting pissy every time I would choose a peaceful approach. We still ended up as lovers somehow, which I was fine with, but when the choice came to either kiss North or do a couple other things (at the final stand off) I chose to sing. It was so beautiful!! Then the president told them to stand down and not shoot.

Connor: I chose to go deviant with connor, which I was planning to do super early on if it gave me the choice. over the course of the story I felt it was going that direction, and I'm so glad it did!! I had a very good relationship with Hank, I did piss him off a few times but overall I tried doing things like protecting Hank at the cost of my mission a couple times. We really bonded! I really thought Connor would get de-activated because I had almost no evidence, but managed to survive by reviving one of the deviants and tricking it with Markus' voice. ( I felt really bad about this by the way, poor guy). After going deviant at Jericho and escaping, Connor ended up breaking into the cyberlife building and trying to turn all the androids. The other connor has Hank as a captive, and I chose to fight for Hank instead of doing the mission (again…) hehe. Hank asked us some personal questions, which I answered and he killed the other Connor. Then at the end, when Connor is at the final rally, he gets brain kidnapped by that one rich bitch and I escaped with the weird stone thing.

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That's it! I somehow kept all main characters alive (besides killing Connor once in the first chapter, he dove off the building). The minor characters that died were Alice's dad and John. (I think that's everyone). So I pretty much ended up with a dream run in my eyes; pacifist til the end, a lot of characters and all mains survived, and I ended up with a sexy deviant Connor! I haven't really looked into other branches or what can happen to the characters in other playthroughs, I am super curious to know what other ways all characters can survive/succeed! I am also interested in doing a full violence Markus run but I'm very scared that a lot of people will die that way haha


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