Detroit Become Human

My thoughts : Detroit Becomes Human could have so been much Better , it Hurts

The First portion of the game set up the part perfectly, i loved the emotional intensity , the tension and the anxiety the game is succeding to build up. I was particularly excited as I started up playing the second day. Unfortunately the game dropped the ball in the 2nd half of the game , the marcus story pretty much dominated the later half portion of game and the story of how he establishes a revolution was pretty much montonous and tacky . It just basically halted the pacing for me , so much so that I no longer was interested in whatever the Jericho crew is planning next

  • I particularly liked the Connor Investigation and his interactions with Hank . I loved how it able to builds up a relationship , one of the few great points was the investigation at the club, hostage situation and investigation at the house where owner was stabbed.. Furthermore everytime they were up , i basically look up forward to their interactions of hank and connor. Hank was particularly beautifully written and you could basicallly read his nuances , his thoughts and despite a beign a critic of android , he ended up more of a critic of the place and usage of the android in human world
  • Kara Storytelling starts out great , the tension at the beginning of the house , the segment at zelko all were particulary well done. I have to say the writing managed to make me care of the characters in relatievely short amount of time, but in the end it ended up with the least amount of content which is sham because I was so looking forward to their more of a story
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So in the end while I ended up enjoying the game, it still hurts because it could have been so much more had it beign not for the pacing and storyline of the Jericho and marcus, the sequence was oddly writing and off because it ended up preaching rather than inculcating a moment of Us vs them



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