Detroit Become Human

Rambling about my first experiences.

I've known about DBH for at least a couple of years, but I hadn't personally played it until one month ago. I controlled the protagonists in ways that I felt best suited each character: Connor was an efficient machine, but part of his function included saving lives, so although he ultimately shot the Chloe in the Kamski scene, Connor saved Hank from falling from the rooftop; Kara was a role-model mother, meaning she chose the honorable route in situations where she could lie or threaten to gain an advantage for her family; Markus was the reincarnation of Martin Luther King Jr.

It was a lot of fun for me. Y'see, I like to fully immerse in the characters and make decisions that I think they would make, not just do what I'd do.

But I learned of that one scene, "Choose Markus vs. Choose Connor." Oh yeah, uh, I guess before I talk about that, I should explain what happened with Markus and Connor in the bowels of Jericho. You all probably already know that Connor confronts Markus as the latter is about to prime the bomb at the heart of the ship. I got that scene on my first playthrough, and I was anticipating a cool fight. But when the two of them got going, all I had to do as Markus was tap A slightly fast and he shot Connor. I loved how terrifying and unstoppable Connor was, so that result pissed me off so much that I re-did the scene and let Markus get merked.

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Well, a couple days after doing that and completing my playthrough, I learned of the Connor vs. Markus fight during "Battle for Detroit." I knew at that point that I was gonna be playing a lot more of this game. At first, I was tempted to just redo the scene in the room with the bomb and let Markus win, but remember how I said I only make the decisions that feel fitting for the characters? It didn't make sense that MLK Jr. Jr. would randomly declare war after having preached about peaceful protest for a week.

So, I went alllllll the way back and re-did Markus's entire story, this time leading him down the murderous path. Basically, I took every opportunity to kill humans (even Carl). Only then did the final warzone scene feel appropriate.

During the battle, North got shot… I'm not sure if that can be prevented or not, I'm just a casual. When this happened, I was kinda pissed at myself for underperforming, but then I realized his story was mirroring what was happening with Connor. I was framing the entire story to build up to a climactic final brawl between Markus and Connor, and as it so happened, both of them lost their closest companions just prior to the showdown: Hank died trying to stop Connor, and North gave her life for Markus in battle. It fit so well that, even if there was a way to prevent North from getting shot, I wouldn't want it any other way.

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Ultimately, I controlled Connor and beat Markus up. Sure, I believe that androids are valid thinking creatures, but I wasn't playing me, I was playing the most advanced machine ever produced by CyberLife. I love machine-Connor, he's incredibly scary and badass.

I've done some screwing around with the timeline since then, unlocking models in the extras and whatnot, but I think I'll do one more playthrough where I try to "perfect" my personal favorite timeline before putting this game to rest. Lemme know what you think about all this — the longer the comment, the better. ^^


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