Detroit Become Human

Some criticism of the “choices” you can make in this game

So I finished the game for the first time yesterday. And let me firstly say that the game is absolutely amazing.

But I really wished that there would be less black and white choices and more grey area ones. Let me explain. (Spoilers obviously)

In the Markus arc, you can usually choose between being peaceful and being violent. Not only is the choice that simple, but being peaceful also seems to be a way more effective method in every case, at least if you want to get a good ending. I chose the peaceful route, but after the assault on Jericho, when Androids were put into camps, I thought that being peaceful kinda failed and now I need to free them by force. I thought that there was a way to free the androids, but keep it nonviolent against civilians and such. But that doesnt work and it led to a bad ending. If I had just been peaceful, it would have worked out just fine. So there is no real decision to make.

Other examples are when you are given the choice to sacrifice people. When you escape from Jericho with Kara and Luther gets shot, you can either "save Luthor" or "Protect Alice". And I thought that they meant that literally. So I decided to not rescue Luther. I like the Guy, but Alice is way more important, so I thought. Turns out you can just save Luthor and still get away with Alice unharmed. You dont get penalized for saving Luthor at all. (Well except if you mess up quick time events I guess) There is no reason not to save him, in fact it harms you to not save him. So the "decision" isnt really one. There is no benefit in the slightest to not save Luthor.

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Same with Connor and Hank in the Warehouse. When I got the choice between saving Hank or freeing the Androids I chose the Androids. Again, love Hank (I need a game where you just solve cases with Hank and Connor), but I thought that freeing thousands and thousands of Androids was more important right now. Turns out again that you can just save Hank and then free the Androids aswell. Again, not really a choice to be made. I just think thats kinda lame.

I would really like to know what you think.


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