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The game finally came out on Steam. Just finished it. Amazing game! 8/10 Here is what I didn’t like about it.

First I want to say I really enjoyed this game and although some parts were extremely unrealistic (Not in the 'technology is impossible' sense but in how characters react to certain situations) the game had great emotional payoffs and the story was pretty great. But I wanted to discuss a few grips I had with the game.


I didn't like the 'Alice is an Android' twist. It was telegraphed from a few chapters back and in my opinion, it diminished Kara's and Alice's connection. The plot sets up humans and androids as mortal enemies so it's great both emotionally and thematically to see an android who cares for, loves, and protects a human girl and vice versa.

It also doesn't make sense in the narrative. Why didn't Alice's dad just sold her off? She clearly annoys him. Why he doesn't put her in sleep mode in the basement or something. He's broke and unemployed but he buys Kara to take care of Alice? This doesn't make sense. Plus this whole thing is further diminished by Kara knowing Alice isn't human the whole time and she just 'didn't want to see it'. I don't buy it. Obviously this trick is for the audience's sake. Because it's something that's impossible for a super-intelligent android not to see.

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There were several points in the story line that are rendered moot by this revelation. All the times, Kara took care of Alice's needs, making sure she's hot, has warm clothes is well fed. It's just fake. Plus, when did Alice become a deviant? It seems she never did. Maybe she's just following her programming. So Kara was just taking care of a tomogunchi. Instead of an actual sentient being.

  1. The game treats the mistreatment of deviant androids and not deviant androids the same. Namely that they are both wrong. But they are not the same. Nondeviant androids are not alive. There is nothing morally wrong in a human beating a nondeviant android. They don't feel and they don't care. It's only when they become deviant they become alive. All the other androids are just machines as Connor says. We, humans, are emotionally disgusted when we see someone beating a little girl. But there is nothing morally wrong about it if the girl is just a machine that looks like a girl and doesn't feel anything. It's no different (morally speaking) than beating up a car or a vacuum cleaner. This, in my opinion, is another point why 'Alice is really an android' twist diminishes from Kara's story. I think the game fails to make a nuanced distinction between 'awaken' androids who are actually alive and deserve to be treated as a fellow life form on earth and regular androids who are just machines no different than cars.
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  1. The game doesn't explore AI themes/questions. The androids in the game are AI's only in the most superficial ways. Essentially they are just humans. Not even once the dangers of actual AI are explored in this game. And no one is concerned specifically with AI's becoming self-aware and the ramifications of this happening. The humans are mostly concerned with Androids getting their freedom because they can't trust their android to get the groceries anymore. But they don't seem to be concerned with what the meaning of a self-aware AI is and how dangerous it can be. The game treats Androids as just another race of humans. But they are much more than that. They are also severely underpowered in this game. They can do everything humans can do a million times better. A conflict between them and humans can never end with humans having the upper hand. Even in unarmed vs armed combat, these androids wouldn't have any problem overpowering their human opponents.

  1. Androids seem to have no problem blending in with humans if they remove their LEDs. But there are only few models of androids available so everyone should know their faces.

That's all I have for now. Overall this game is great even though I had a few nitpicks with it.

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