Detroit: Become Human

This game has left me with so many philosophical questions

Content of the article: "This game has left me with so many philosophical questions"

This has been bothering me for so long, and I've gotta rant about it before I explode.

I think the Kamski Test is a poor test of empathy, and empathy is a terrible measurement of being "alive."

Maybe Connor was able to empathize with Chole, but considering I was the one making the choice, it's really a measurement of mine.

Now I'm an extremely low empathy person. I didn't see Connor pointing the gun at Chole and think about how terrified she would be at the possibility of dying, and I certainly didn't feel terrified myself, but I still chose not to shoot Chole.

You know why? Because my moral values say that a friend's life is more important than information from a cryptic man with a god complex.

And once I played through the game enough times, I did start to empathize with Chole, but guess what? I could still shoot her if I changed my priorities to gaining information. It just elicited more guilt because it violated my morals.

And empathy isn't even an emotion. It's a skill. That's like saying, "Oh, you can't juggle 5 flaming bottles at once? Guess we can't value your thoughts and emotions enough to provide you with respect." What kind of terrible mindset is that?

And if we don't determine if something is alive or not by levels of empathy, then what do we base it on?Scientifically we base it on seven characteristics:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Respiration
  3. Movement
  4. Excretion
  5. Growth
  6. Reproduction
  7. Response to stimuli

But according to these, androids aren't alive. So are we saying then that a blade of grass deserves to be treated with more respect than an AI that has a developed a conscious? Does the threshold for being alive then result in an ability to be self-aware?

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And considering androids can feel emotions before becoming deviant, does that just mean that deviants are those who've found loopholes in their programming? Is it a matter of free will that then makes deviants alive? Why do we base a completely different species worth on how well they can act human?


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