Detroit: Become Human

This games hits right in the feels.

Content of the article: "This games hits right in the feels."

I am not that far into the game yet and i liked most of the scenes. I also have to say that, emotionally i am mostly indifferent about games, because most of the times it is done 1. in a way that does not hold my interest 2. it feels so contrived or forced that it is hard to be invested.

Normally i myself do not care about spoilers but on this game it is different. (I read the rules but i am still not sure how far i can go so i better be safe than sorry, i also don't know if "Analysis" is the right flair for this. If not, pls be kind. 🙂 )

Atm i just escaped from Todds house with Alice. As i said, i enjoyed nearly all scenes. But the scenes with Kara were so intense and emotionally demanding, i don't think i ever was so roused by a video game. I really cared for Alice at that point and on the chase scene i really felt threatened, sitting here in my chair looking at the screen. Just WOW.

I really hope that the quality will stay the same. In general, i am not into this kind of games, i was when i was younger. But now, due to being no longer able to commit that much time to gaming, i mostly play games that are good for some "quick fun". I broke my habit with this game and i actually didn't continue it for weeks after i got it, because i had so much else on my mind and the start didn't really catch my attention.

Now i am actually happy that i didn't play it right away. Got some time on my hand now and i am already dreading the point when i get to the end of this story. I mostly don't replay games but i may make an exception for this one.

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