Detroit Become Human

Well, I’m done and I don’t think I’ll be replaying this soon after all. (spoilers this time).

Again, just let me say wow, but I've done enough of that in my last post I think, and I still don't have all the words I want to put together to convey this game to anyone who hasn't played it.

11 Hours later, and tearing up like a little damn bitch multiple times, and I've gone through this incredible story and one of the most emotionally provoking things I've experienced in my life, period.

Connor left Hank hanging on the roof, but saved him at the broadcast tower, ended up becoming friends, and saying goodbye to Hank at cyberlife after transferring, and managed to escape the program before killing Marcus, I'm glad I took the time and noticed that blue hand thing, though I was worried that since I missed it the first time it wouldn't turn out to be anything.

Marcus and the resistance lost lots of people, but remained peaceful, and the whole gang is there. Saving the security guard ended up with a touching cameo during a protest, and it was so nice to see that even though I wanted to check out the roof, not doing so meant that Simon came back, something that I was so happy to see.

Kara and Alice made it through the border, but Luther didn't make it out of jericho. I wanted to save him, but went with my gut instinct to protect Alice. It was a gut punch to see the tree after that we could have escaped with Luther.

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I also wish I had considered how strong public opinion was when at the border, I wanted to try the sacrifice no-one option, but after coming so far, (also, no regrets about those bus tickets. You're human, you're gonna do just fine) I had to look over at Jerry.

All in all it was definitely rough at some points, but I've been doing some reading, and from what I've gathered and I think I still ended up with a pretty good ending.

I also definitely know how some things would have ended up I'm sure, but to be honest I don't want to go back and probe through different options right now. As I went through the story I wanted to just explore options less and less, and after all of this, I don't really think I want to change it.

I commented in the other post that this is one of the few games I'd recommend to someone who's never played a game before, along with The Stanley Parable, and honestly I think like The Stanley Parable it will be quite some time before I play through this masterpiece again. Even though there are regrets, I know things could have ended so much worse in so many ways.

Also, I will miss Chloe, and I know the game offers another one, but I'll be damned if I trap another one. I just wish I had gone to the main menu a little more often.

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Again, absolutely incredible job. I so hope that we get to see more of this world at some point, but I also think, at least with my ending, it was a pretty good conclusion to the story, and honestly without some of those losses on the way I'm not sure it would have had the same impact.

Also, fuck you Todd. I'm so glad I didn't try to reason with you, and probably end up dead.


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