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Why I love Connor’s Theme- Music Analysis (Rethought)

Content of the article: "Why I love Connor’s Theme- Music Analysis (Rethought)"

So, I already made a post giving my thoughts on Connor's theme music but listening to it recently, with headphones, I could hear more and realized I wanted to add more detail to what I thought was being told in it. This is just my personal opinion/observations so yeah.

The first few minutes of the music (0:00 – 3:01) sound very analytical, like a computer thinking. You are first greeted with the signature Connor tune on the synth. That in itself is very precise, cold, robotic. Then, 20 seconds in, is when you first hear a small drum roll. It reminds me of drums used in marches, showing rigidity and conformity. A louder synth is now playing over the repeated tune from the opening. Like a sort of pulse, or thoughts passing through Connor's mind. At 40 seconds, the music sounds mysterious, like at a crime scene, like Connor's investigating one. You can even hear these sort of machinery sounds whirring in the background every so often. At a minute, the main Connor tune kicks in again, but slightly more hectic; closer to solving something.

Fast forward to around 2:22, you can hear the music build; he's realized something. 2:43, the tune is back. String instruments coming in to add more pace. It sounds like realization. Then, at 3:01, drums clash, and the first 'main part' (I'm not good at music terms) hits. It's insane. (I believed it's used in dramatic scenes like towards the end of the Hostage situation etc, I think.) It's so dramatic. It's like Connor's figured it out; solved whatever he was investigating. Everything's come together.

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Then, at 3:23, the music dips into a brief, quieter moment. This feels like he's now looking for his target. The drums adding a sense of urgency, or stalking. His tune still playing in the background. Then, (At 3:47) it shoots back up into the dramatic music, like a chase scene. He's found whoever he's looking for. The rising synth noise at 4:08 adding to that computer/android feel.

Around 4:30, it's quiet again, except for a few noises. If you listen closely, you can hear Connor's main theme in the background, but it's very faint as if something's happened- he's drowning out the analytical, cold part of him. The violin comes in and this is where I feel like Connor starts to deviate, as the violin often conveys emotion. It also gives a sad, but warm feeling amongst the cold, robotic music we've been hearing so far. The violin also reminds me of Kara, who's story is very emotional.

But, the original music breaks through the violin, as if resuming control. Like Connor's denying it; going back to his work. It's quite slow and rhythmic up until around 6:26, where there's a big sort of whooshing sound and the main comes back and hits harder than before. Drums going, string instruments once again adding a frantic sound, as if Amanda/his programming is trying to resume control. I love this part. There are slight pauses/dips in the music, almost as if Connor's becoming deviant and fighting against his programming. In the background of these dips/pauses, there's a repeated pattern, like a mind racing, looking for a way out. The 'robotic' tune sounds more frantic; it's trying to stop him but it's lost.

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And then, around 7:14, it starts to fade once again; being reduced down to the signature pattern of notes. But even that fades away, as a more sinister tune, almost 'failed mission/character death' music comes in. But I feel it also sounds like Connor's realized he's deviant. There is a sort of feeling of caution to it as if he isn't quite sure of what to do. His mind free of Amanda and his programming constantly telling him what to do.

And as that continues, once more the Connor tune plays. This time slower, quieter, and slightly distorted as if a shadow of his former self.

If you made it all the way through, wow. Thanks for reading. I'm not really into writing or that sort of stuff but I love Connor's theme. I was listening to it tonight and had all these other ideas I wanted to add and felt I wouldn't be able to sleep until I had written them down so, here we are. 🙂


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