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World-Building Ideas for DBH may contain spoilers

Content of the article: "World-Building Ideas for DBH may contain spoilers"

I understand that the game is full of intricate details already, and the developers did a phenomenal job with world-building in the shipped product. Adding any more detail would have increased production time and budget.

But while thinking about the DBH universe, I thought there could be additional plot threads that would be fascinating to explore, if DBH were to be expanded in a sequel, or a Netflix series, or other transmedia:

1) A faction of androids who are either sympathetic with the humans, or do not desire the freedom Markus is offering, and reject Markus' cause

I see this as a possible foil to Markus' cause if he chooses a violent revolutionary route. There might be deviant androids who are sympathetic towards humans and do not want any violence done unto them and try to defend the humans, or deviant androids who are happy in their lives with their human companions and do not wish to leave it.

2) A faction of humans who worship the androids

It's not to far-fetched to imagine that there will definitely be a group of humans who will go so far as to see androids as some superior race and worship them as gods. It would be a fascinating (and a bit scary) plot thread to explore to see humans happily being enslaved by androids instead.

3) A faction of deviant androids who are convinced they are superior to humans

Somewhat related to the plot thread above. Androids can move and think faster than humans, never tire, don't need food or sleep, do not feel pain, and do not easily fall sick to diseases. There might be deviants who start reasoning they are superior to humans and will try to dominate humanity instead of wanting to coexist peacefully. This group could be a foil to Markus if he tries a pacifist route.

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4) A black market for smuggled or counterfeit android parts

One thing I felt was missing from the DBH universe was a black market for androids or android parts. Maybe the android industry was still too young for a thriving black market trade, but I thought that an alternative for Jericho to obtain spare parts could include tapping into illegal markets. I guess it's not an exciting or entertaining for gameplay as breaking into a CyberLife warehouse, lol~

The stories of the 3x main characters already touch on a lot of interesting relationships and character arcs, but I think some really interesting relationships that could be explored would be bridging the gap between human and android:

1) Romance between an android and a human

I know romantic relationships are kind of cliche, and the human/android romance angle has already been explored in other media. I know positive relationships between humans and androids are already seen in the game with Carl & Markus, and Hank & Connor.

But I do think exploring a possible romantic relationship between a human and an android could be interesting — perhaps tying-in with the first group I mentioned above (faction of androids sympathizing with humans). An android in love with a human will try to stop Markus' cause if it involves his/her romantic interest at risk of dying at the hands of Markus' revolution. A human in love with an android would definitely be more sympathetic towards a movement for equal rights for androids and would try to support Markus.

2) A human tries to become "more human" after interacting with androids and sympathizing with their cause

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If you don't kill Todd, he would return later on in the game at the bus stop when Kara and Alice attempt to escape to Canada. This re-appearance really didn't sit well with me at all, because it seems like an attempt to make the audience sympathize with an abuser. I think I understand the purpose behind it was to make a human who is not acting very humanely to learn to become "more human" by observing and interacting with androids (which is a fantastic ironic twist — you would not expect the "Become Human" in the game's title to refer to humans themselves). But I think there's a better way to do it without trying to redeem Todd.


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