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would love some help with reaching certain specific outcomes, please!

Content of the article: "would love some help with reaching certain specific outcomes, please!"

after some members of the community were super helpful and answered my questions two days ago on how to reach a revolution with marcus, a machine-connor + rk900 ending and a captured kara ending…

first of all, thank you again for your help. happy to report i didn't mess up my playthrough and i achieved those outcomes without too much trouble.

second of all, while i… "enjoyed" experiencing these different paths, i suffered terribly (and so did my characters) and i regret everything. ;-; i had no idea how dark this game could get. literally had to pause the game a few times to process a few scenes…

with that said, before i do a final, "redemption" dream playthrough, i had a few other paths i wanted to explore and would really appreciate some advice, please! if you could also avoid spoilers (of possible), that would be greatly appreciated!

  • for starters, hank was hostile towards connor from the beginning up until the very end of the game… and we all know how that ended (that one really hurt). 😔 i was wondering, is there any way for the hank suicide attempt scene to occur while he isn't hostile towards connor? if so, can connor save him? what would be the requirements for this?

  • i accidentally (minor) spoiled myself that simon or north can give markus their heart (with certain requirements met, depending on their relationship status with markus) if markus goes to grab the grenade during the revolution, which i believe results in him getting badly injured. my question is: my option to get cover so that markus could make a run for it was greyed out <...> — why is that? is it because i lost simon to connor earlier during my playthrough?

  • is it scripted that josh dies during the revolution or is this event also reliant on his relationship with markus?

  • speaking of revolution. i was curious to see if there were any changes to that scene if connor turned deviant and markus chose a revolution. i'm guessing connor would still go to the cyberlife tower… unless markus chose not to trust connor? in that case, without spoiling, is that a path worth exploring?

  • i heard there was some sort of secret ending if "jericho was found" yet everyone died…? i'm not sure how to accomplish this — i mean, i had everyone die in this run… except connor but at this point there was no way for me to have him die after executing markus then north so… i'm not sure how to go about this one, and i don't feel as though i know the game well enough just yet without figuring it out on my own.

  • any specific paths / outcomes worth exploring before i attempt a "dream" run, actually? i'm open to suggestions — would love to experience as much of the story as possible while not redoing the exact same things over and over because i want to avoid getting burnt out. (i plan to explore the kara at the camp ending more, as much as it pains me, as i reached this point without luther and i think it locked me out of some options.)

  • edit: it just occurred to me that even though i accepted the remote from north for the dirty bomb i was never prompted to trigger it at any point. what are the requirements for this?

last but not least, not really a question but more of an observation :

  • it was really interesting (and pretty upsetting) to find wounded simon as connor during "public enemy" — i chose to have connor rush simon to probe his memories which resulted in simon committing suicide… and i was just shocked by connor's reaction!? i loved that scene. but at the same time i found it regretful that simon had to die for connor to have this huge software instability increase because it would fit perfectly in a deviant-connor + peaceful-markus playthrough… but i don't want simon to die! it's a shame that this instability increase comes with an important character death, wish there was a way to avoid this. :'(

alright, i think that's enough for now. thanks in advance! already looking forward to my next playthrough. i'm becoming more and more obsessed with this game & these characters with every playthrough, please send help.


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