10 Scams in D2:R & How To Avoid

The most common Demon-type in Diablo 2 isn't the Pitlord, its The Scammer.

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1. Gemmed Item/Swap Item Scam (most common)

Always always ALWAYS verify the item in trade is the exact item they are claiming to trade BEFORE ever clicking accept. Some items have the exact same item art so you cannot tell what the item is until hovering over it. The scammer may claim they have to "make room" to trade and thats when they make the switch. OR at the last second after dropping it back n forth in the trade window.

-Harlequin Crest "Shako" swapped with Emerald-gemmed Helm.

-Tal Rasha's armor swapped with Rattlecage or Amethyst-Gemmed armor.

-**if you are aware of other popular items used please post them and i will add to the list**

2. "Ctrl click your item to show me in chat" – This will drop the item, and they will steal it.

-You SHIFT click the item to show the name in chat.

3. Closing Trade – as you are about to drop your item they close the window so it drops for them to steal

Apparently this is gaining popularity and someone actually tried to do this to me the other day.

4. /DND scam – typing /dnd will set your Do Not Disturb "away" message. Declaring anything typed after /dnd for the world to see. They will whisper your account and see any information put there.

NEVER type your password anywhere for any reason to anyone except to actually login. period.

5. "Drop on Ground to Trade":

Whatever excuse they use, never do this. It used to be used for Annihilus & Torch trading. But Always use the trade window and always triple verify the item is correct before you click trade.

6. "I know a dupe/hack method":

No, they don't, do not believe them. Ever. Even in original D2. This ends with them stealing either your items, account information or worse by getting you to download a keylogger and literally steal money straight from your bank account.

7. "Here is a link for X reason":


There is a method of sending links to people in original D2 that made your character immediately drop all your gear if you clicked on it. Expect this to eventually make a return in D2R. Better safe than sorry, always.

8. Claiming unidentified Unique Amulets & Rings are certain items:

This is literally impossible to know. Unidentified Rings & Amulets have zero way of knowing what it will become until its actually identified. Could be Stone of Jordan, could be Nagelring.

9. Body popping scam:

They will claim you have to carry certain items or fill your inventory and/or die for some reason (usually a dupe method). End result is your items becoming theirs. Just avoid/block anyone discussing hacks or dupes.

10. Most importantly, send all of your personal information and passwords to <[email protected]>(mailto:[email protected])…. jk. :D. Good luck out there!


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