200 FCR Phoenix Sorceress Builds [Guide]

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200 FCR Phoenix Sorceress

Do you have ninja like reflexes? Are you a patient and thoughtful diablo 2 player? Do you calculate your moves 3 steps in advance? Can you get bank to make GG toons? If your answer to all of these is yes then you should try this build out! It's really fun and actually quite GG endgame. I took this build to 99 this ladder with ease. It's a very strong group and solo mapper. You can rush and carry chaos players 8 no problem too, so you can help out friends and strangers with exquisite style points using this build.

This build makes the most sense as a lightning sorceress because it’s comparatively easier to find a Griffon’s and 15 faster cast rate (FCR) amulet than it is to find a nice 2/20 circlet and 2/20 amulet . Energy shield (ES) is also highly recommended making lighting the easier choice. The lightning builds work for both nova and charged bolt (CB). You can also do this with a immolate build if you have a nice 20 FCR circlet and amulet. The lightning build is an easy transition from nova or CB builds that use mana per kill (MPK) for mana sustain early ladder. 200 FCR nova sorceress is arguably fastest key runner, and nova vs CB allows you to quickly farm Arcane Sanctuary while key farming for early ladder runes.

The good:

– Very strict gear so easy to know what you need.

– The gear is not overly expensive to obtain to get the basic sub-optimal version of the build.

– Redemption Aura will sustain your mana and HP even for the nova (i.e., up close and personal) variety of the build.

– You’ll have a fast key runner, rusher, and viable mapper.

– 200 FCR phoenix CB or nova sorceress can solo clear higher (i.e., red) map content, but not as fast or efficiently as other builds.

– Both nova and CB allow for enough points into hydra to help with light immunes.

– Even a low mana pool ES will allow you to safely face tank map bosses so long as you’re not swarmed with other mobs.

The bad:

– Very strict gear so if you can’t acquire it you can’t use this build.

– The optimal version of the build requires very expensive gear.

– Redemption requires corpses to work, so if you blind teleport over a wall into a fat mob and there are no corpses you may experience a severe and sudden rise in blood pressure.

– If you go 200 FCR phoenix immolate build there aren’t great options for dealing with fire immunes.

– You’ll rely solely on ES as your physical damage reduction, but with phoenix you will almost always have full mana.

– The loss of DPS attaining 200 FCR is not offset enough by higher cast rate to compare with DPS from 105 FCR. (some rudimentary maths below)

– 200 FCR is also way less tanky and a much more dangerous build than 105 FCR builds (an FHR solution below).

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The arguable:

– 200 FCR is not a better build, it’s just catered to different play style.

– 200 FCR phoenix nova sorceress is arguably the fastest build to clear solo white maps, dim cellar, and desecrated temple, and if not would be 2nd to 105 FCR phoenix nova sorceress. Don’t bother trying to argue otherwise you fools.

– Redemption is hands down better for sustain than stacking MPK jewels – even just for poison dmg alone. Yes, you lose opportunities to stack PDR or + skills or resistances by using phoenix, but that’s the whole point of this build.


Things you absolutely need to obtain 200 FCR with phoenix:

Chest – 40 FCR corrupted Skin of the Vipermagi

Helm – Griffon’s Eye (you’ll want 20 FCR circlet for the immolate build – but you could still bootleg Griff’s if you want/need to)

Rings – 2 x 20 FCR (go for +life, +str, or +res if you need it — each point in str on ring allows 1 extra point in vitality = 2 life – do the math to see what works best for you)

Amulet – rare/crafted 2/15+ FCR (you need 15 FCR for lightning builds/20 FCR for immolate build)

Belt – Arachnid Mesh

Things you choose for the build:

Weapon – Heart of the Oak if you need resistances. 2os Eschuta’s with facets if you don’t need resistances and have the bank.

Gloves – Either Trang Oul’s or Magefist. Magefist makes the most sense for fire skills. All resistances corruption is the best.

Boots – Silkweave for extra mana. Rare boots with fat resistances if you need them. Your preference really. All resistances corruption is the best.

Swap – Call to Arms (CTA) + Medusa’s gaze for pre-buff.

Grand charms – Your end goal is to have 8-9x lightning (or fire) FHR GCs so you can hit the 142 FHR breakpoint (more on this below). Until then just go for vitality.

Small charms – 9-10x res/FHR SCs. Your end goal is to have as many FHR small charms you need to cap your resistances and hit the 142 FHR breakpoint (more on this below). Yes, even though you are using ES you still want resistances for spill over dmg and in the event your ES goes down.


Obviously max sockets on Griffon’s Eye (or 2/20 circlet for immolate build) and Eschuta’s is ideal. Single Larzuk socket on 40 FCR Vipermagi. Fill everything with facets (or Um if you need the resistances)


Strength – enough to wear monarch. Go for –req monarch and try to get +str FCR rings. Be prepared to re-spec as you acquire better 20 FCR rings.

I strongly suggest using a hybrid vita/ES build. It is way safer to have ES as a sponge even with only 700 mana than it is to not have it at all. Otherwise you will have zero PDR. NOTE: you will not be able to use Frostburn or Stone’s of Jordan to stack mana.

Energy – try to have a minimum of 700 mana with CTA battle orders. ~700 mana works fine with ES and phoenix, so long as you’re smart (this is not a clumsy build).

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Vitality – try to have a minimum of 1000 life with CTA battle orders.


20 charge bolt

20 lightning surge

20 chain lightning

20 lightning mastery

16-20 telekenesis (maxing efficiency provides more protection than maxing absorb from points in ES)

1 energy shield

1 teleport

1 fire bolt

1 fire ball

1 enchant

1 fire mastery

XXs hydra (whatever you have left over and wish to split between maxing telekinesis)

For immolate, follow the standard build but add ES/telekinesis and juggle points in teleport as needed

Why 142 FHR breakpoint?

Some maths:

– 200 FCR breakpoint 7 frames

– 142 FHR breakpoint 6 frames

At 142 FHR breakpoint, your hit recovery requires fewer frames than your cast frame rate giving you a very low chance of having your FHR animation affecting your casting. This allows you to teleport in and out of danger with virtually no interference, and because 200 FCR is so fast, your cast rate will be faster than a lot of monsters’ attack responses, especially with holy freeze or decrepify from your party.

This is a solution to being less tanky than 105 FCR builds. It makes a noticeable difference that will 100% save you from death from time to time. It allows you to teleport recklessly without getting killed. This is particularly true for the nova variety of the build where you are constantly tele-stomping and at risk of getting hit. It has been argued that vita vs. FHR skillers are better for survival, but with maps sometimes even 1,000 more health isn’t enough to save you from being 1-shotted. With 142 FHR you can still get 1-shotted, but if played properly you will pretty much never get 2-shotted or 3-shotted (a more common way to die compared to being 1-shotted). You simply almost never get FHR locked and avoid a lot of potential strikes by teleporting so quickly. It’s a different style of play and if you’re going to be reckless you may as well just get 105 FCR and stack PDR.

DPS Expectations:

With end game gear you will cast 23 charged bolts at around 3,000 dmg per bolt. This compares to 24 charged bolts at around 4,000 dmg per bolt for a GG 105 FCR Phoenix build.

That means your damage per wave will be 23 x 3,000 = 69,000 per 7 frames (200 FCR) vs. 24 x 4,000 = 96,000 per 8 frames (105 FCR).

Each second in Diablo 2 engine is 25 frames, meaning your raw DPS (without consideration for animation delay and action frames) will be 25/7 * 69,000 = 246,429 (200 FCR) vs. 25/8 * 96,000 = 300,000 (105 FCR).

This translates to 17.8% less DPS for the 200 FCR build compared to similar 105 FCR Phoenix build.


Be nimble, be quick, be safe. Kill fast or be killed, and if you can’t kill fast, teleport away, don’t face tank in a group of mobs. If these suggestions don’t suit your playstyle, choose another build. Use shift+alt at same time to endlessly and indiscriminately cast CB or nova on left-click. You can still teleport while holding shift+alt. Give it a try. You may have issues with laggy loot filters in dense maps while constantly holding down alt. Figure it out.

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Notes on gear:

You can use wizard spike or suicide branch to give an extra 10 FCR and have more options for other gear, but the damage loss will be enough to make this build much less enjoyable, especially for the nova variety.

Typical dwigt bullshit:

I've been sleeping on sharing this for months with the idea of making video's. But I've been too busy and the season is nearly done so I'm posting it now. The office is no longer streaming on Netflix so I may have more time now to make video's (but no guarantee). Enjoy. Peace. Damnit, Jim!


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