200 Mephisto run test result

Total magic find is 441% and all of my gear is solo found by doing pindle runs and gradually upgraded while doing Meph runs. Needless to say it's very lucrative to do Meph runs with around 400+ MF. I couldn't do it the first week due to lack of gear so I a used crown, crystal sword and armor socketed with topaz pgems and a +3 to fire skill mgic amulet for damage. I switched to a vipermagi that I found at pindle but then I got lucky and found a tal armor during my first 100 pindle runs.

I sold it once I found a perfect 200% Skullder's Ire a few days ago which boosted my MF significantly. I was lucky and found a random mara while farming cows and a gheed while I was leveling up at around level 60 when I created my sorc. The occulus came a bit later but was a nice boost. I got a spirit early on after I found a Monarch in the cow level.

My current objective is to get my Occulus socketed with an Ist and my Skullder's Ire socketed with a pgem topaz or Ist but I will need to make new character. That should give me another 54-55% MF with a few charms I should break 500 MF.


Shako (found at meph)

Skullder's Ire (found at meph)

Spirit Shield (self made)

Occulus (found at meph)

Chance Guards (found while playing)

Goldwrap (found at pindle)

Mara's Kaleidoscope (found cow level)

War Traveler (found at meph)

Nagelring's (found countess)

Gheed (found cow level)

Bad finds:

4x Butcher's Pupil

2x Crown of thieves

2x Hexfire

4x Rattlecage

3x Tearhaunch

1x Bonesnap

1x Pierre Tombale

2x Stormchaser

1x Hellplague

1x Dark Adherent

1x Grim Scythe

1x Sanders Wand

1x Spineripper

1x Lance Yangai

2x Hellcast

1x Snakecord

1x Iron Pelt

3x Hellrack

1x Dangoons teaching

1x Aldur Rythm

1x Shadow Killer (eth)

3x Undead Crown

1x Naj circlet

4x Guardian Naga

1x Tiamat Rebuke

1x Goldskin

1x Butcher pupil

1x Stormguild

1x Wilhelm Pride

1x Grim Burning Dead

1x Flammebelow

2x Ginther Rift

1x Bloodmoon

3x Bloodfist

1x Demon Limb

2x Darksight Helm

1x Lava Gout

1x Haemosu Adament

1x The Spirit Shroud

1x Langer Briser

1x Razor's Edge

1x Blackthorn's Face

3x Immortal King's Stone Crusher

1x Immortal King's Forge

1x Immortal King's Pillar

3x Immortal King's Will

1x Tal Rasha's Fine Spun

2x Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest

1x Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye

1x Demonhorn's Edge

1x Arioc's Needle

2x Viperfork

1x Mavina's tenet

1x Todesfaelle Flamme

1x Venom Grip

2x Wizardspike

1x Que-Hegan's Wisdom

1x Gimmershred

1x Spire of Lazarus

1x Beazil's Vortex

1x Caring Shard

1x Islestrike

1x Corpsemourn

Good finds:

1x Shako

1x Eschuta Temper

1x Jade Talon

1x Skin of the Vipermagi

1x Thundergod's Vigor

1x Valkyrie Wing (eth)

1x Hand Of The Blessed Light

1x The Occulus

1x String of ears

2x Herald of Zakarum

1x Skullder's Ire (perfect)

1X Arachnid Mesh

1x Gore Rider (perfect)

1x War Traveler

1x Dracul's Grasp

1x Verdungo's Hearty Cord

1x Kira's Guardian

2x Trang-Oul's Scales

2x Lidless Wall

2x Buriza-Do Kyanon

1x Skull Collector

1x Bartuc's Cut-Throat

1x Doom Circlet rare GG


1x Raven Frost

1x Dwarf Star

1x Manald Heal

1x Cat Eyes

Meph Chest :

1x Ko

1x Gul

1x Ber

Total runs: 200

Interesting circlet found on my last meph run : file.php (1440×900) (diablo2.io)


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